Birth of State of Decay: Creating a Sequel to a Hit with Microsoft's Help

Many independent game-development studios choose to partner with companies like Microsoft for access to resources and capital. That’s what Seattle’s Undead Labs did with its “State of Decay” blockbuster and its just-released sequel.

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IamTylerDurden1145d ago

Then why is there no quality control in the sequel? Microsoft needed to give Undead Labs more time and money instead of pushing another half baked disappointment out the door. Sea of Thieves and SoD2 both needed more time. Such a shame because both titles had potential.

NXFather144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

5 years is enough time but, more money and people might have worked. But, honest there is no game out there that is as ambitious as some people were hoping for this game to be. Infact nobody out there has done it. Not mainstream for sure. Not Rockstar or anyone. That is a game like this without tethering, with a good narrative that is done cinematically, an all around great game, weather, much more enemy types. Having 4 players without the tether potentially anywere on the map. Real time rendering for each decision of each player plus a great game at 4k 30/60 and plus Sony AAA graphics. Yeah most likely Sony, Rockstar and any AAA developer cannot achieve this so Undead labs just was not going to be the one. And also dynamic changes all stored in memory and sent to each box while game engine is running at desired performance.

nibblo143d ago

Great game and an interesting article, shame it gets so much hate from people who haven't played it or bought the game thinking it was going to be the next Dead Rising and the bugs thing is highly exaggerated, I have played for 20 hours and have only experienced the gate bug.

tontontam0143d ago

even the worst game in the world will have people who likes it. it just turns out that you are one of the few people who likes this shitty game but that does not mean it's a good game.

narsaku143d ago

Actually I decided to re-buy my canceled preorder of State of Decay 2.

It's actually a really great game, probably the best survival sim ever created.

You, "as it turns out", are one of those people who read bias articles because you want to believe something so desperately you pre-color your research in hopes to feel good about yourself. Then call people who know better names because, well.

Think about it.

The game has some bugs, is a bit clunky, and really needs some polish, but so far I'm having lots of fun. Definitely a solid step up from SOT in terms of longevity and fun.

cellfluid143d ago

So buggy games are considered great? Lol Microsoft has been redefining everything this Gen. From the true 4k which isn't native to the 60fps uncompromised which has to do with reducing textures, limiting debth of field etc(compromise) also exclusives which they have none as their games are on pc. The list goes on. This game is far from a hit in fact the only hit is over the heads of the supporters putting there heads in a daze. There should be federal laws against companies releasing defected products. This is unacceptable!!!!