'Fortnite' is free to play but makes billions anyway

How is it that a free game is on pace to make $3.5 billion this year alone? It all comes down to the in-game purchases made by gamers from around the world.

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Fantomex149d ago

This is literally how to do in-game purchases. They belong only in free to play games like this IMO.

Kabaneri148d ago

$20 is pretty steep for a skin though.

Dirtnapstor148d ago

True that! It’s ridiculous, but people pay it. I own Save The World so I can grind for Vbucks. You can earn plenty to pay for stuff in BR.

MuddyWaters148d ago

It is but I imagine it's quite rare then. Some people spend a lot of money on collector editions as well on regular physical games. The point is not to buy them if you feel it's over-priced. This is how you do free-to-play, offer the game for free but have cosmetics to purchase.

2pacalypsenow149d ago

Why are people surprised? That’s how F2P works. It’s been done for years with phone games.

TheGamez100149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

F2p done right. Quality game with free updates. Games still very enjoyable without having to buy anything. All JUST cosmetics. F2p players still get some things too like challenges and rewards. Game is cartoony themed so they can literally put in anything for the cosmetics.
Well done epic games. All multiplayer shooters should follow, either be free to play or have all dlc besides cosmetics be free since most have microtransactions and lootboxes.

narsaku149d ago

Popular game + Loot boxes = Moms credit card maxed out.

How many times we gotta see that story on the news before people start cluing in?

ocelot07148d ago

Fornite has lootboxes now?

TheOttomatic91148d ago

The unfortunate things that publishers don't realise is that the battle royal genre can only have 1 to 2 success, if every game is made into a battle royal they'll lose more money than they gain.

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