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Tom Chick - "Besides, polish is overrated. Consider Dawn of the Dead. Both of them. Zack “Justice League” Snyder’s update is polished, contemporary, and appropriately dumb. But Romero’s original is raw, uneven, and still powerful. They each have their place, but only one of them is timeless. If you want the fullest and most thorough expression of zombie mythology in a movie, you watch Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. If you want the fullest and most thorough expression of zombie mythology in a game, you play Undead Labs’ State of Decay 2."

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AspiringProGenji146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

underdog effect. Buggy games gets 10 but not a polished one. Makes sense

DarkVoyager146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

“State of Decay 2 Review | Quarter to Three“

I never take this site serious. Tom Chick is the worst game reviewer on the internet.

Look at his track record!

State of Decay 2 - 5/5
The Last of Us - 3/5
Horizon: Zero Dawn - 3/5
Uncharted 2 - 3/5
Uncharted 3 - 2/5
Forza Horizon 2 - 1/5
Halo 4 - 1/5
Transistor - 2/5
Infamous: Second Son - 2/5

Nyxus146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Anything for attention.

doggo84146d ago

Lmao state of decay 2 100% but uncharted 2, HZD and the last of us are 60% games? This guy is a bona fide idiot.

Bathyj146d ago

What a whore.

I saw the 5/5 and giggled.
I saw Tom Chick and burst out laughing.

Septic146d ago

Lol Quarter to Three exists to troll

showtimefolks146d ago (Edited 146d ago )


I think on this one both Xbox and playstation fans can agree that this isn't a good reviewer

Halo 4 is not the best but not 1/5 either and forza horizon 2 was praised by the media so this guy is only looking to start arguments to get clicks

Polish is never ever overrated that much every game can agree on

Look we can all see the potential in SOD2 and maybe with patches/updates it will become that

Obelisk92146d ago

"It's official: State of Decay 2 is better than The Last of Us"

I'm making this thread.

chiefJohn117146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

He gave Halo 4, Forza h2, uc3 1/5 and 2/5? You got to be joking.

I can see if he said 4.5/5 or 4/5 but 5/5 isn't a possibility for SoD2. It seem like he over and under rate for clicks

IamTylerDurden1146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Transistor, U2, HZD, and TLoU are great games and it's shameful to see the scores he gave.

To give SoD2 with all those technical problems a perfect score and then to give a polished gem like HZD a 6?

Transistor is a phenomenal indie from Super Giant. The combat is spectacular and the art style and original score is simply gorgeous. A 4/10 is a joke.

U2 and TLoU won hundreds of game of the year awards and are rated in the 95 Metacritic range. A 6? Even Halo 4 getting a 2 is pathetic. The campaign alone warrants at least a 7.

gamesR4fun146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

ya hard to say if its bias or deliberately trying to cover bias but either way dudes looking for them clicks eh.

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bluefox755146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

This guy has to be a troll. He seems to be implying that the absence of polish, makes a game better. "Lack of polish" isn't what made Dawn of the Dead good.

alb1899146d ago

Reviews are just opinions, get over it!

UCForce146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

But the guy saying “polish is overrated” is a troll.

Nyxus146d ago

No I won't. This guy is doing a disservice to gamers.

Bathyj146d ago

No a review should be an indication of quality, so the reader has a good idea of what the final product is like. I look at my speedometer I don't want to know how fast it feels like we're going. I want to know how fast were actually going.

If you ask me reviews need to remove a lot of opinion, expectation, biased, prejudice, hopes and dreams and just review what's actually in front of them objectively. Seems like everyone has an agenda going in. How can you trust anyone? I certainly don't trust Tom Chick. He's terrible at his job.

Gaming_1st146d ago

Reviews are to help gamers decide if they would like to purchase the game or not. If you are blatantly lying to gamers to sway them to purchase or not purchase a game, that's no longer a opinion. That's someone on their own agenda and not the gamers.

Best thing to do is block this site as i just did, so in the future i wont be able to even accidentally click a link to the site.

alb1899146d ago

There you have it, you too can have a review o their review and that's okay too haha!
I always will see reviews just as opinions and I know which reviewers likes what I like.

UCForce146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

And no, I won’t allow that. This “review” is unprofessional and lack of knowledge. If the game is way too buggy, it should be criticized, not ignoring it.

Goldby146d ago

Reviews are based in objective knowledge and experience with a game. You can have person opinions inside games.

Due to the lower frames per second on xbox one x, I prefer the smoother xbox one s version. Over the higher resolution for example.

But to ignore and essentially turn bugs and issues into optional side quests is a very bug disservice to not only the community but from people who may take this review as the "Better than Last of Us game" and be dissapointed

BongSmack146d ago

Not if they're bribed to give a good review.

coolbeans144d ago (Edited 144d ago )


Part 1 - "No a review should be an indication of quality, so the reader has a good idea of what the final product is like."

Part 2 - "If you ask me reviews need to remove a lot of opinion, expectation, biased, prejudice, hopes and dreams..."

At this point what you're fundamentally asking for is a robot to determine said game's quality, not a person. Sure, a review is an evaluation, but when we're dealing with people who're biased--by their very nature--it's understandable to enter said space with an understanding that a reviewer's preferences may not align with yours. What you're expecting reviewers to be is nothing short of misguided.

CaptainObvious878144d ago

These opinions of this review are just opinions, get over it!

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trooper_146d ago

I can't lol any harder at this review than I can lol right now.

Aceman18146d ago

This score was a given from this quack lol.

coolbeans145d ago

It's amazing how such an inane opinion as this can be up-voted so much. The summary literally makes a direct, full-bodied response to that aspect of the game already.

"underdog effect"

So that explains how Skyrim got away with it.

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Deep-throat146d ago

I'm surprised his site is still alive. It seems he has a cult following...

IamTylerDurden1146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

"polish is overrated"

Can anyone take this seriously? Polish is appropriately rated and it makes a mockery of the rating system if a team can spend an extra 6 months polishing a game and receive no benefit from critics while a dev can rush a half broken, buggy mess out and receive no deduction for it. It's a joke.

Dark_Knightmare2146d ago

I didn’t think this website could get any worse but then they come and prove me wrong lol

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