Three Comics That Need the Wolf Among Us TellTale Treatment

MonsterVine: 'One has to only look at The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, and Batman to see that TellTale is often at its best when adapting comic books to their unique narrative-game structure. "

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Fantomex241d ago

Telltale Games need to change up their formula instead of their same old point & click style. Make different genres but have branching storylines. Maybe this takes teaming up with other devs but seriously this stuff has gotten old many years ago.

porkChop241d ago

They really need to revamp their gameplay formula, and do a better job of differentiating their franchises.

showtimefolks241d ago


Especially when other games have shown you can do it better and more player involvement

Until dawn
Life is strange
Now Detroit

First thing TT needs to do is either create a new engine or get a 3rd party engine

I played tales on ps4 and the game play is so clunky(don't get me wrong the game is excellent) but if it ran smooth and didn't have clunky game play it would have been an better experience

PhoenixUp241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Oh god not the “____ needs the ____ treatment” articles again