New Sonic the Hedgehog game announcement teased

The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account is teasing a new game announcement. The news was casually dropped in a tweet mocking the General Data Protection Regulation European privacy law that went into effect today.

The screen on the device Sonic is reading in the image tweeted reads, “We’ve updated our Privacy Policy. As part of our ongoing efforts to prepare for our new game announcement, as well as release Sonic Mania Adventures Part 3 this month…”

It is possible the new game teased is the formal announcement the new Sonic racing game teased back in March. Stay tuned.

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-Foxtrot242d ago

You know it's funny how Sega is so in touch with the community with their Sonic account, like it's aware of what's going on around it poking fun at it's self or things that are happening...pop culture humour. However a game like Sonic Adventure 3 which fans have been asking years for, nothing.

Fantomex242d ago

TBH I wouldn't want Sonic Team to make a Sonic Adventure 3. Maybe team up with a developer experienced with 3D platformers, like Insomniac. Sonic Team is absolutely incompetent.

1-pwnsause-1242d ago

idk who disagreed with you...but he/she should compare the two sonic games that came out last year....

last year i saw an indie developer make sonic justice with sonic mania...that very same year Sonic team released that sonic forces game....we know how that went down....

FallenAngel1984242d ago

You know that Sonic ‘06 is basically like Sonic Adventure 3 In everything but name

-Foxtrot242d ago

No that's not true...that's impossible

FullmetalRoyale242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

I am so sick of people saying that. It wasn’t “basically like”, it was NOTHING like what a proper SA3 would/should be.

Live and learn...

FallenAngel1984242d ago

@ Fox

It is possible, just look at how Sonic 06’s structure basically makes it Sonic Adventure 3

@ Full

It’s everything what a SA3 would be like. Sure the quality isn’t there, but when you place it against the other SA titles you see the blatant similarities

FallenAngel1984238d ago

You’d have to be blind not to see the similarities. It’s as ridiculous as saying Sonic Colors DS isn’t basically Sonic Rush 3.

But if you wanna live in denial and keep waiting for an SA3 even though one already exists then go on ahead

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PhoenixUp242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Is it really newsworthy that a new Sonic title will eventually be announced?

This is actually enough to annoy some Sega fans of other franchises, especially since unlike Nintendo's Big 3 franchises, Sonic seems like the only franchise Sega gives major focus to, and this tends to come at the cost of sales for other classic Sega franchises due to the lack of marketing and exposure for them that was instead put into the latest Sonic game.

Not that I’m complaining since I’ll always love Sonic. Just saying it’d be more newsworthy when Sega announces new entries for those other franchises.

-Foxtrot242d ago

If they announced a 3D Alex Kidd platforming game I'd scoop that up in a heart beat...or Streets of Rage 4.

Hell Ristar 2

narsaku242d ago

I want to believe you'll come back Sonic. You were so stronk back in the genesis and with Adventure DX/2.

...Mania gives me hope.... Some hope.

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