Sony Gives More Details on Boosting its First-Party Game Development Pipeline

Sony Interactive Entertainment's boss talks about plans to expand the first-party development pipeline further compared to fiscal year 2017 and 2018.

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DarkVoyager149d ago

This sounds great.

“Later in the call, Kodera-san also added that investing in first-party games does not just mean increasing the number of IPs, as Sony owns existing IPs like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War, and “successful and powerful” IPs should be made into franchises so that “the business associated with them can be expanded.”

ArchangelMike149d ago

Hmm... seems like we'll be definitely getting sequels and DLC for Sony's IPs going forward.

BeardedDrachen149d ago

Nothing wrong with good Sequels.

S2Killinit149d ago

Dont forget even more amazing games

Fantomex149d ago

Horizon 2 as a PS5 launch title...

Make it happen.

AlphaCentyros149d ago

Imagine the possibilities...

DarXyde149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

I'd wait on it.

Early games never adequately flex the muscle of new hardware. I'd be okay with a year 3 release of Horizon 2 that REALLY shows what PS5 can do, but you also know it'll get better.

Fantomex149d ago

Killzone was praised for the visuals. Second Son was also praised for the visuals. Early PS4 titles that impressed early adopters. The point is, the game would still look way better on a PS5 at launch than on a PS4 Pro. Just saying.

Why couldn't there be Horizon 3 later in the gen, or yet another new GG IP?

salmonade149d ago

@ DarXyde... this isn't PS3 to PS4 jump... this is from Amazing looking PS4 gamesjump to a PS5. I think it'll be fine and look amazing out of the gate.
Having Zelda launch with Switch helped it a lot.

DarXyde149d ago


No one is saying it won't look great, but I am saying that compared to what comes later, I would rather wait. Get comfortable with the specs and resource allocation. As far as a Horizon 3, I would personally err on the side of caution with solid open world game saturation in one generation. If next gen is all about open world again, I imagine people would be pretty fatigued. Keep in mind, we're about to get a third Red Dead game since gen six and we barely got two GTA games in the last 10 years. I don't imagine they'll shake up Horizon's formula too much since it's crazy good, but that also means you should release them in moderation. GTA CAN release more often though since a fair amount changes between games. I just don't think I'd like 2 Horizon games next gen, that's all. Odds are, Guerrilla will return to Killzone before a new IP. Halo isn't getting the attention it used to, so why not strike while the iron is hot?


For sure, it would look amazing right out the gate, but it's not always about looks. I would much rather Guerrilla gets practice with a remake of Killzone 2 (or even better: Liberation) or something and when they're ready to drop Horizon 2, it looks great, runs great, good loading times, etc.

Side note: I wouldn't expect games to look wildly different. Much better, for sure, but don't expect a PS2 to PS3 level transition. It would take that much more power to yield those differences.

Lamboomington148d ago

Forget about the graphics, think about the advances in simulation, AI and scope due to the better CPUs. The CPUs are the bottleneck this gen, not really the graphics.

I mean, for multiplatforms, maybe, but first party games are having a good time with the PS4 GPU power.

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FallenAngel1984149d ago

Sony has been on a streak so far this year

- Shadow of the Colossus remake
- MLB 18: The Show
- God of War 4
- Detroit: Become Human

And they still have the rest of the year to look forward to along with a strong lineup in 2019.

UCForce149d ago

This is gonna be great year.

AlphaCentyros149d ago

Exactly, and soon they will also give us Spider-Man, GoT, Days Gone, TLOU2 and Death Stranding.

Damn, they weren’t lying when they told us that “greatness awaits”.

zeuanimals149d ago

I thought there was a Game of Thrones game coming exclusively to PS4. You got me tripping. Still, super excited for Ghost of Tsushima. There hasn't been a single open world game set in feudal Japan. How, I don't know but I'm hyped. Also don't forget about Dreams, it's gonna be a sleeper hit.

AlphaCentyros148d ago

Haha sorry for the confusion bro, I was too lazy to type up the whole name, and I figured that people would get it.

Come to think of it, explaining all of this in hindsight cost me a lot more typing than writing out Ghost of Tsushima initially. See, now I wrote Ghost of Tsushima twice anyway :)

Lamboomington148d ago

In a way, Dreams by MM is far more exciting than any of those.

The demo they showed lately blew me away.

MasterCornholio149d ago

I'm happy that Detroit didn't flop critically. It's nice to see that it's metacritic is in the 70s instead of the 60s.

doggo84149d ago

It should be in the 80's, if it weren't for those cringey sjw / agenda driven 4/10 reviews

showtimefolks148d ago


I know not Sony but yakuza 6, yakuza kiwame 2, ni nu kuni 2(console exclusive)

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Gamist2dot0149d ago

I smell Bloodborne 2 for PS5.

ILostMyMind149d ago

Damn, this could make PS5 sell like freshwater in the desert. Sony could announce: "PS5, The Largest Queue For Day-One Ever Made" and "Consumers Spent One Million Hours In Queues The First Day".

We have to be creative to compare data nowadays ...

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