"Active Shooter" ignites controversy over a school shooting simulation to be released on Steam

The game called "Active Shooter" is coming out on June 6 and it allows the player to simulate the killing of civilians at a school. The announcement comes a week after a school shooting took place in Santa Fe, Texas.

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Eidolon145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

Jesus H. Christ. Thanks, video games need more flak from ignorant parents and higher-up clowns.

cpayne93145d ago

Idk how the devs could think this is a good idea. Like, this is your game idea? Anybody should be able to see the backlash coming.

ocelot07145d ago

Conspiracy Theory: Maybe the US Government or the NRA paid the developers to throw this game together. So they can then be like SEE VIDEO GAMES ARE TO BLAME!!!!


Yeah the NRA haha

Jaypi03145d ago

If I had to take a strong guess, the "dev" is probably trying to get attention and money off the shock factor of the game. I mean it got noticed from us, and a couple of other sites, and you can damn well assume other journalist like Kotaku or Jim Sterling will write articles about it, making edge lords want to buy the game.

OffRoadKing145d ago

Obviously controversial for the sake of being controversial, dev seems to be looking for attention through shock value, but honestly its offensive and in very poor taste.

2cents145d ago

There is no limit to the stupidity of the human race.

Duke19145d ago

Cant wait to see this shit game plastered all over the news. Screw this game, and the children that made it

SethBrundlefly145d ago

Free speech, sure. Welcomed members of the gaming community, hell no.

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The story is too old to be commented.