Answering Days Gone's Lingering Questions

Watch or listen to Sony Bend give new details on the game based on dozens of great questions from the community.

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ArchangelMike241d ago

That was a brilliant interview, I think they addressed every concern and feedback that was raised from the preview. Game Informer have done a fantastic job with their reveal of Days Gone. I'm even more excited for this game now, I hope they can include the horde challenge mode.

OB1Biker241d ago

I like how they insist about the story and not willing to give spoilers.
Very cool guys

getbacktogaming240d ago

yesss Story is really important!

getbacktogaming241d ago

Looks super fun but I'm afraid it'll face a shitload of negative expectations before it even comes out...

CP_Company241d ago

like almost every Sony game. if you don't have what to play, you have an extra time, and how you gonna spend it? of course downplaying Sony games. it is like circle. rinse and repeat with every game.

getbacktogaming240d ago

oh well I'll be keeping an open mind too bad for those folks ;)