Why You Should Play Oxenfree From Your Backlog

BacklogCritic: "Oxenfree, the debut game by Night School Studio, delivers an enchanting coming-of-age tale mixed with supernatural sci-fi. Relatable characters and an elegantly simple dialogue choice system combined with a captivating art style and soundtrack make this an essential indie game."

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Fist4achin198d ago

Indies dont seem to get as much love.

Fantomex197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

A lot of Indies are about the same as many other Indies. So many of Indie games are packed with gimmicks like they're trying too hard to pull off something unique that it comes across as annoying. A 2D game with some "new" art style doesn't really equal to something very original. Instead, they get old fast. Just from my experience.

ElementX197d ago

I really wasn't that impressed with Oxenfree. They made some poor design choices, like backtracking through every screen to look for items, meandering paths that take too much time for the characters to cross a single screen, etc.

1nsomniac197d ago

This was a great game, totally took me by surprise. Really good writting too. Dialogue actually felt grown up which is hard for a game as they’re usually so cheesy.

Never completed it though ended up getting caught up in other games. Definitely going back to finish this one.