Why You Might Be a Game Glitch Snob

Glitches are just a part of gaming. Why can't gamers all agree to accept that?

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isarai149d ago

Because they weren't always "just a part of gaming" Hell before the PS3/360 era it was VERY rare i ever ran into glitches, hell the closest thing i can remember to that was bumping the 64 when a game is in and getting crazy nail on chalkboard type sounds while the player character freaked out. in fact it wasn't till Devs realized they could just fix it later and patch it that this became "just another part of gaming" and now the big publishers like EA and Ubisoft just straight send out broken games and fix'em later. You just straight up couldn't do that before cause the only way to fix it was to apply a fix in reprints, but by then having that glitch would have done a lot of damage to your sales

FBNS148d ago

It completely depends on the glitch... Back in the day before internet crap games had the worst bugs and glitches... The top end games all ran near flawlessly. They would still have bugs, but nothing game breaking or interfering... Like most of modern AAA gaming now a days... They would all be looked at as crap games back in the day