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In all honesty this has been a hard review to write. As much fun as I'm having playing Far Cry 5, it's hard not to be a tad disappointed. This was supposed to be the game that took a series I love and evolve it into something bigger.

Instead I've got another game in the series I love with a slightly less memorable tale to tell behind it. The gameplay, visuals, shooting, driving and flying are as good as anything Far Cry has ever had to offer, but it fails to improve on the one side of things that these games have always been slightly under par with and I'd even consider it to be a slight step back in that department.

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Gamist2dot0146d ago

I would give this a 7/10. It started out very well and then it falls flat after 60% into the game. Weapons, graphics, game play are great. But the story line and those stupid fetch quests - smdh.