Battlefield 5 versus Black Ops 4 Comparison Screens Showing Incredible Character Details

Check out some comparison screenshots between Battlefield 5 and Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

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Sciurus_vulgaris1055d ago

It’s obvious BF V will have better graphics than Blops 4. However, I don’t recall any true gameplay odd BF V being shown. Battlefield 1and Battlefront 2 are arguably the best looking first person shooters on consoles, I fully expect BF V to look comparable to Dice’s other recent titles. Blops 4 looks somewhat “clayey” like it’s predecessor.

Crazyglues1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

Really surprised there was no actual gameplay of the actual game, I mean really a CGI special, and at all times to do this, they do it at a time when consumers are sick and tired of seeing rendered scenes, hell even COD showed the actual game....Beyond Strange that they would do this...

Also No, Bad Company 3... Really...? So many rumors on this, these guys usually get it right, but wow, nothing.... And even more important EA is all about money right..??? Well explain to me why the hell you didn't make a Bad Company 2 remaster, a game that sold millions of copies and put battlefield on the map and made it the first time Battlefield would do close to COD numbers.... you don't make that game again, ok you don't like to go back, ok, So you don't make a Bad Company 3 either... Like really, DICE and EA are y'all really this dumb, actually that's a stupid question of course they are they put loot-boxes in Star Wars messing the whole thing up... LoL (of course there idiots) But if you love money nothing makes more money then a Bad Company 3... are you serious, you can't see that... I just don't get it..

So lets just re-cap, this was the reveal of BF5 but they didn't actually show the game... Developers did a whole lot of talking about shit they didn't actually show in-game... Did these developers start thinking they were rockstars and people actually want to sit down with them and ask how are the kids... wtf... (You show the game, the game is what everyone came to see) That's the one thing you don't show..??? At the Reveal..???

I almost decided to past on this years BF5 I mean it was so bad of a reveal, But COD looked so awful I was like dam guess it's BF5 by a slim margin... the less of two evils... this is turning out to be one seriously disappointing year for FPS fans... wow..?

RainOfTerror1055d ago

Silly to compare screenshots without knowing their origin, are they in-game, pre-rendered, in-engine? Companies have a long track record of releasing pre-arranged/staged bullshots, so to jump to conclusions at this point is just pointless.

chrisoadamson1052d ago

BF5 trailer was confirmed to be all in engine footage.

phoenixwing1053d ago

let's compare the campaigns while we're at it... oh... that's right.

cellfluid1053d ago

There's no comparison. Call of duty is TRASHHHHHH