Dev Video Explains What Sea of Thieves Campaigns Are (Sort Of)

The latest Inn-Side Story video briefly touches on limited-time Sea of Thieves campaigns as well as the team's content update approach.

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LG_Fox_Brazil235d ago

"Campaigns will be timed and exclusive content", so they will vanish after a while? That's weird

Christopher235d ago

"Seasonal" content is pretty standard for ongoing online games. Fortnite, Overwatch, even Diablo has seasonal content. It encourages people to maintain playing regularly rather than only at the release of new major updates.

BrianOBlivion235d ago

So, you finally decide to introduce campaign elements into your game, but I can only play them on YOUR schedule?? I don't think so. Way to keep giving me reasons to NOT play the game.

Vasto235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

So glad that they know some people just want to just be immersed in the world with a sense of story and they are going to work toward that.

Still playing and having a blast and this is just the beginning. Hungering Deep here we come!