To Be Compared to The Last of Us is Fantastic, Says God of War Director

Cory: "I think a lot of people mean it as a dig, which I’ve never really understood."

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Nyxus236d ago

"So I will never ever be bothered by the fact that we are being compared to The Last of Us, because I think it’s truly a watershed moment in our industry."

Very true!

Lynx0207236d ago

Unfortunately GoW is nowhere near TLoU. Very polished gameplay and beautiful graphics but storytelling is on completely different level. TLoU is still an amazing game, in 3-4 years GoW will be just one of many good (but overhyped) games from the past.

Goldby236d ago

Please explain how Gow is overhyped

Roronoa0411236d ago

You couldn’t be more wrong...

BehindTheRows236d ago

Over"hyped" or overrated? People often get those confused. In neither case would I agree, as the sum of God of War's parts are nicely represented by that high 94 Metascore, but I figured I'd help you with that. :)

goldwyncq236d ago

Kratos and Atreus's relationship is better than Joel and Ellie's, but that's just my opinion.

Lilrizky235d ago

it felt more natural and more realistic to me for sure.

also the side characters are waaaaaay better

jc12235d ago

Please. Get the F out with that nonsense.

Harkins1721236d ago

Id rather the gameplay and boss fights of GoW than the story from TLoU. Both great games but I prefer gameplay in my video games. God of War has always had an interesting story.

RedDevils235d ago

Yeah which TLOU is better at.

kevnb236d ago

no, games with great game play age well.

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DialgaMarine236d ago

Exactly what I said; how is being compared to one of the greatest games of all time suddenly a bad thing?

UCForce236d ago

Yeah, i don’t get it. I love The Last of Us even the intro still got me.

Smokehouse236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

It depends. Barlog doesn’t care because he knows GOW is better. It is an honor to be compared because it stands on its own legs. It pisses off Sony bend because their game probably isn’t going to be better. When you are recognized as a clone it’s not an honor it’s an insult.

Skankinruby236d ago

You're damn right it is, being compared to one of the greatest games ever made is a huge honor, and I'm glad they recognize this.

BenRC01236d ago

Tlou trounces gow in every aspect other than graphics.

georgenancy236d ago

gameplay and graphics gow destroys last of us

Sevir236d ago

They're COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAMES THAT SHARE similar aspects... But to say GoW is a better hack and slash game than a well made third person cover based shooter? Y'all are reaching...

People initially bashed The Last of Us because they watered it down to a big escort mission. And the same nitpickers levied the same remarks to the new God of War because it's shares a similar over the shoulder camera and has an AI companion throughout the entire game... Besides some platforming and puzzle solving mechanic. These games couldn't be more different.

In anycase, they're remarkable and fantastic games that stand apart and individually... These people digging at GoW have been humbled now that the game has come, flipped the franchise on it's head and propelled it on to New heights up there with the likes of Naughty Dog... And that's a fantastic circle of talent and excellence to be in.

Flewid638236d ago

I feel like the graphics remastered still trump GoW.

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The story is too old to be commented.