The 20 Greatest Nintendo 64 Games

With rumours swirling around the potential release of a Nintendo 64 Classic later in the year, here's a look back at the 20 N64 games people will be dying to re-play.

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strayanalog179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

I understand this is an opinion, but no Smash Bros, Cruis'n World, Mario Kart 64, San Francisco Rush, or Pilotwings? I question your childhood, sir.

3-4-5178d ago

Yea Smash, Mario kart 64, pilot wings are for sure in the top 10-15 N64 games. They are true classics.

I just can't agree with some people's taste.

Kribwalker178d ago

and they put beetle adventure racing instead.....:i also wouldn’t put star wars battle for naboo but i’d like Shadow of the empire

ObviousGoldfish178d ago

I question that this guy understands how unlikely it'd be for Nintendo to pay Microsoft for any of those Rare titles and any of those properties besides their own. Focus on royal weddings and be quiet.

OnDec76178d ago

Clay fighter : Sculptor's Cut, Mischief Maker's, Glover, Space Station Silicon Valley,,,,,