State of Decay 2: Xbox One X looks better than S - but frame-rate is lower

Exclusive to Xbox One and PC, the launch build of State of Decay 2 is blighted by bugs and mis-steps in optimisation. Tom gives an overview of the console versions, showing the clear benefits of running on Xbox One X - and the penalty that comes with it.

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2pacalypsenow173d ago (Edited 173d ago )


The game is basically a Beta, that's a damn shame, I was actually looking forward to this game.

ocelot07173d ago

Beta on the Xbox One. But the PC version is actually pretty solid. Looks pretty good in 4K 60FPS.

Ausbo173d ago

Give it a try on game pass. It’s not really bad as everyone says. I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

Doughhead173d ago

Its the want to fail crowd. The game is a solid 7.

2pacalypsenow173d ago

"Its the want to fail crowd. The game is a solid 7."

Pretty sure majority of reviewers who are all saying the same thing, are not the crowd that want it to fail.

Jinger173d ago

It's not a beta. I'm playing on the X and while it has a lower framerate, it's locked at 30 unlike the S where it will go higher and lower than 30... so do you want dips from 40-45 to 25? or just keep it at 30?

I haven't ran into a single bug either. Yes the game has some jank, but nothing like a broken mess some of these outlets are claiming.

jokerisalive173d ago

it should have been optimized way better. no excuse for frame issues on the X.

TheCommentator172d ago

The game isn't a graphical showcase, that's for sure, but 30FPS is not an issue with framerate.

Goukira173d ago

the thing is that game doesnt even look that can it run so poorly on the mighty xbox one x??

ocelot07173d ago

Going by the PC versions. It's a bit of a CPU taxing game rather than GPU. Since both the X and S have rubbish CPU's (the X has a great GPU before anyone starts). However, I would expect this to run at a solid 30FPS at the very least.

TheCommentator172d ago

The game hardly ever drops below 30, and when it does it's into 28-29FPS ATM. Undead has also said they are going to optimize further in future updates. Pretty solid FPS overall though.

Tazzy173d ago

I think it looks like an Xbox 360 game. :\

OpenGL173d ago

Very strange at first but looking at how cutback the visuals are on a regular Xbox One, it isn't so surprising. Not only did they increase resolution significantly, they also improved draw distances, textures, lighting, post process effects, etc. Xbox One X provides a significant advantage over the regular Xbox One in terms of power but when you're already quadrupling the rendering resolution, there's not a lot left in the tank to improve everything else without performance penalties.

Based on the performance on the regular Xbox One it looks like they could have improved visuals in some places since there's not a real advantage to having the game run at 35-40fps.

Wotbot173d ago

The game is fine on Xbox X, I haven’t really experienced any issues, no more than any other game on the market.

Enjoying it at the moment.

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