Miramar has finally been released for PUBG on Xbox One

Six months after its initial release — and after almost a month on the Xbox One test server — Miramar, the second map for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has finally been released for the Xbox One version of the game.

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WilliamSheridan205d ago

The game is running much better these days... Ultimately I'd love to see a jump to 60 fps but I just don't see it happening... As of now it's pretty solid, but MS needs to send them 50 programmers and just get this game finished

Adexus205d ago

The engine needs a total overhaul, on PC as well, every patch just seems to make the game more buggy and the FPS worse lol.

WilliamSheridan205d ago

I disagree with the Xbox version anyway. On X it's pretty stable for me. I think it could use a port to a better engine, but I doubt that is in the cards. I'm curious if the smaller Fortnite sized map will make the game run better...