After Two Years, Overwatch is (Still) the Best

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Tomorrow, many fans will be celebrating Overwatch’s second year after its release and will have a fun anniversary event to try and collect new skins, cosmetics and much more. To think that a game with such a simple way to play could garner such interest and keep that momentum over two years time. It surely isn’t an easy feat to do, but Blizzard has managed to keep players coming back for more and delivering on some amazing content along the way. It may be a day early, but we would like to tip our hats off to those who have made Overwatch the best game to play over the past two years… Now excuse me while I try to get my terminator style Bastion skin."

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Nodoze238d ago

Blizzard. Freaking always doing it right.