Complete Guide to Battlefield 5 Preorder Bonuses

What bonuses come with Battlefield 5 preorders, as well which retailers have what extras to entice you to preorder.

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CodeNameTBW2149d ago

Battlefield 1.5 with a SJW motive force down our throats.

D3TH_D33LR149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Virgin neckbeard with the Pepe frog as a body pillow.

You going to keep commenting this on every article? Its easily like the 15th time you’ve made this pathetic comment. Go outside.

angelsx149d ago

I trust Dice and I know they will deliver good game.Can’t wait to see multiplayer

Noskypeno149d ago

Whats wrong with being a virgin. The last thing we need is more kids having kids. Its not a sign of maturity or alphaness the way certain hollywood "entrepreneurs" claim it to be.

GamerDad82149d ago

Someone voted for Hillary ^^^

D3TH_D33LR144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

@gamerdad Jokes on you. I don’t have to put up with that shithole, America.

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KwietStorm149d ago

oh noes the women folk are coming! i feel threatened! the internet will hear of this early and often!

Tru_Blu148d ago

It's not that women are in the game it's the trying to sell it as an authentic WWII shooter, it's not. It's a WWII themed steampunk/bioshock shooter with cartoony graphics. You know completely dismissing an argument and trying to paint everyone with a different opinion as a bigot isn't healthy. Open your mind bud!!

EazyC149d ago

Might preorder for beta, hopefully that trailer was some single player thing and the MP is a bit more true to the WWII experience.

Majin-vegeta149d ago

From what I've heard that trailer was a mix if everything dice is trying to do.Plus well get the full look at MP at EA play..i was skeptical of the game but YouTubers have come out and explained so much more in detail it literally sounds like a whole new game

angelsx149d ago

The youtubers saved the game

PUBG149d ago

If a guide is needed to pre-order a game, then something is wrong.

Psychosious148d ago

GameStop exclusive preorder, a pink dildo, and anal nitrate from EAs special blend.