No, Sony Never Said that PS5 Is Three Years Away

Several outlets reported that Sony said that PS5 is at least three years away, but the house of PlayStation never actually made that point.

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Thatguy-310172d ago

PS5 will come 2020. Sony will still support ps4 when it releases.

Abriael172d ago

Indeed. That's pretty obvious for me, but apparently not for others.

darthv72171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Games support for the PS4 will go till 2021 while technical and warranty support will continue for a few years after that. Meanwhile, the PS5 will come in 2020 and by 2021 will have all of "Sony's" software focus shifted to it. So Sony will be supporting both PS4 and PS5 with games simultaneously for at least a year. Like they have done with PS1-PS2, PS2-PS3 and PS3-PS4.

People hear the phrase "3 more years" and think that means PS4 is dead in 2021 and PS5 takes its place but they never think of the overlap that Sony always has when releasing platforms.

xX-oldboy-Xx171d ago

Will the upgrade be pretty obvious? They've got a good roadmap of games ahead. 2021 would suit me fine.

Why the rush?

Saigon171d ago (Edited 171d ago )


I think you hit the nail on the head. I assume most forget about the overlap that Sony provides during a generation shift but it is there. Actually, their transition from current generation to the next generation is always smooth. With that, I feel the release of the next PS will depend on the cost of the chipset conjunction they use when that time comes. Depending on what they decide to do, meaning what chipset conjunction they plan to use, will depend on the release of the system. Of course, there are other factors involved as well such the availability of the next GDRR RAM. That's my opinion and I also assume sometime in 2020.

UltraNova171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

November 2020 is the safest bet. So they have to lock down the specs by mid-late 2019 and start sending dev kits( if not sooner).

So whatever is available (cpu/gpu/memory) by mid-late 2019 will likely be selected for the ps5(+some custom work contracted by Sony).

So in a nutshell we are looking at a v1.xx Ryzen cpu or Ryzen +, Vega 64(?) Gpu, and perhaps 16GB HBM v2.0 or GDDR5X(dont thing GDDR6, will be a viable option until the console goes to production somewhere in early-mid-2020 since Nvidia is hoarding most of it). A 4K Blu-ray drive is a given and all the other usual bells and whistles.

All in all, I'm expecting 10-12Terraflops total output. That would be enough power to give us native 4k @ 60fps at medium to high Quality settings and have enough overhead for better(than the current deal) physics, AI and perhaps ray tracing (AMD's solution).

G3ng4r171d ago

Ps5 seems more likely to release in 2019 all the time. Ps4 will be supported until 2021, but not as much by sony who will have shifted attention and several projects to ps5. Atlus and CoD ports for sure. Expecting 8-10 tflops and a heavy emphasis on vr since sony is sure that is the future of gaming. Doubtful we'll see a generational leap over xb1x which is fine, only need enough power to get 4k running smoothly since that's a primary target now for sony and microsoft. Anyone hoping for ray tracing is delusional.

ShadowWolf712171d ago

I'd prefer 2021 just for the sake of tech, but... eh.

3-4-5171d ago

same. I've been saying 2020 for probably 2 years now,as have other people.It just makes the most sense.

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Christopher171d ago

2021 IMHO might be better.

Xbox already has a year or two over Sony as far as tech. Microsoft is also less likely to put out a new console sooner. Sony could prevent a situation where Xbox comes out a year later with better hardware by pushing it a year later and preventing the potential for Microsoft having a better base throughout the next generation.

I think it's obvious that next generation is going to be the biggest battle between Xbox and PlayStation that we've ever seen.

G3ng4r171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Microsoft bringing out 1x the following year didn't seem to hurt ps4pro at all. On the contrary both ps2 and 360 did quite well hitting the market first. Sony would be best off releasing around november 2019 to fit another holiday between them and the next xbox, whatever form it takes. All they need to do is start moving their current player base to next gen and give them games to hold what they have. The reason most want ps5 2021 or later is because they're pitifully attached to their ps4's even though sony swears to continue ps4 support for a few years (or until competition forces them to focus on one system again).
Agree that next gen could be a great console war though if microsoft releases another system and doesn't make xbox a pc service or something.

xX-oldboy-Xx171d ago

Christopher + G3ng4r - just a heads up - SONY isn't fussed what MS does. The PS4 will be the best selling console for the next 2 years minimum. Why would they stifle those sales?

The difference in tech will be negligible if they released in 2019, 2020 is a stretch though.

My money is on 2021, so leap from PS4 to PA5 can actually be seen. Not through technical jargon, but real world - 1st hand experiences.

Aenea171d ago

Nothing is preventing MS of waiting to see what Sony does no matter the release year...

G3ng4r171d ago

@xX-oldboy-Xx "SONY isn't fussed what MS does."
Perhaps not currently, though you can be sure they're curious to see what happens next gen which is the topic we're on. Sony is in fact worried about competiton, particularly to the one successful division of their business. That's why they revamped their online to be on par with xbox live, why they stated they're paying attention to nintendo, why the imitate others with things like the move controller, etc. They whole reason playstation as it is exists is because they were butthurt that nintendo unexpectedly dumped them.
"Why would they stifle those sales?"
To announce that ps4 is coming to an end because they're launching ps5 within the next nineteen months if not late next year.
But I'm sure you're wise enough to know all of this seeing as you have an aol instant messenger handle from 1998.

Christopher171d ago

***Christopher + G3ng4r - just a heads up - SONY isn't fussed what MS does.***

For next generation, they absolutely are.

***The difference in tech will be negligible if they released in 2019, 2020 is a stretch though. ***

Xbox One X says otherwise.

Christopher171d ago

***Nothing is preventing MS of waiting to see what Sony does no matter the release year...***

Profit margins are. They have less freedom to kick off and control the next generation due to their position this generation. They need a new CPU upgrade to go any further as well, which is really the only thing holding back both machines as GPU and RAM are easier to update without having to roll out mass updates on every game.

ziggurcat171d ago

At the very least, I think it will be 2020. Ideally, I think they should wait until 2021.

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jhoward585171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

2020 sounds like a good year to release the PS5 but Sony could hold off a little bit longer if the PS4 continues to sale well.

darthv72171d ago

Sales do not dictate when they release. It never has. PS1 was still selling well when they released the PS2. Same when PS2 was selling well when they released PS3 and so on.

Eidolon171d ago

Even PS3 was selling well when PS4 Released, and they released games for it years after.

Italiano1234567171d ago

Exactly ps2 still sold a shit ton after ps3 was released

The 10th Rider171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Yeah, Sony's comments don't rule out a 2019 or 2020 release IMO. I'm sure the PS4 will continue to get games for three more years either way. Any game that isn't CPU reliant should be able to run the same games as next gen . . . just with toned down graphics and resolution. Plus the Switch will still be out and doing well, with no replacement until 2022 or 2023. I know there's not going to be many when PS5/Xbox 2 hit, but I imagine any third party game that gets released for Switch will also see a release on PS4/Xbox One.

starchild171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

True, it's always been like that. I don't know why some people act like Sony has to wait until PS4 sales slow way down for them to release the PS5.

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patterson171d ago

October 10, 2020 (10/10/2020)

BeardedDrachen171d ago

So many Xbox frauds on youtube claiming this information is a 'W' for Xbox. lol

darthv72171d ago

I don't see how. All it means is now we have a clear roadmap for when to expect the transition period. We knew it was eventually coming but now it seems more guaranteed.

BeardedDrachen171d ago

No... Meaning they think Sony said PS5 isn't coming till 2021... which wasn't what anyone said.

bluefox755171d ago

I don't see how anyone could interpret this news as a win for Xbox lol.

Sunny_D171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Yeah, it's like a marathon winner going home after crossing the finish line and the sun's going down while the competitor is still running far behind them. Lol.

paintedgamer1984171d ago

Lol like the dealer one... these pro xbox podcasts are so desperate for a win they will literally take anything and run with it. "Sony not releasing the ps5 until 2021 = ms will win next gen". What in the actual...

bigmalky171d ago

Even saying that, the players that Microsoft lost are likely to be wary of jumping back, even if they do release a system earlier.

As long as Sony keep supplying great games until PS5 releases, and MS sit on their haunches, nothing will change.

DialgaMarine171d ago

Because even after PS4/ Pro have managed to sell more 3 times as many units as XboneS/ X, as well as deliver far higher quality games, they still believe that having the option to have slightly better performance on multiplats on the higher end model somehow equates to a default victory. Apparantly spending $500 for an X to play 360 titles, and the occasional subpar GaaS game, is the far better option (in their minds).

Oh well, if the numbers and facts aren’t even enough to prove just how irrelevant their plastic box has become, there’s no helping them.

Also love how MS is trying to abandon Xbone S by lying and saying all games play better on Xbone (they conviently leave out specifying X). Hell, not even their in house titles play better on X; they play better on PC lol

paintedgamer1984171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Its funny because from 2006-2009 n4g was a much different place. It was all doom and gloom sony and the 360 was the darling child despite the rrod +33% failure rate. So in part i really do commend most of these diehard xbox fanboys for standing by their box because i too had to sit by and take my L during the infancy of the ps3. But never did i make some of these outlandish comments that has plagued the 8th gen. Theres just so much bullshit being said and really the xbox fanboys are just mimmicking phillip spencer. I really blame the higher ups at ms. They were the 1s that said...

Dx12 will make the xb1 this more pwrfl
The power of the cloud
1st partys dont matter
Single player games dont matter
So on and so on...

cigi171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

No there is no 3-1 ratio between xbox and PS4 and definitely there is an advantage of the X between the Pro.
You are a real hypocrite - what about Sony bousting the 4k theme with the PRO on games -with almost all of them using tricks like dynamic and interpolation to mimic 4k.

OffRoadKing171d ago

That's pretty sad if that's true.

Razzer171d ago

Xbox fanboys will take a "W" however they can get it.

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XiNatsuDragnel171d ago

I say 2019-2020 would be optimized

porkChop171d ago

2019 would be too soon, hardware-wise. 2020 would be fine though.

MrSec84171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

7nm tapered out at the beginning of this year at TSMC, it's what will be used for basically all future silicon from the major hardware vendors for the foreseeable future.

Fabricators are ready to begin mass production by the end of this year, meaning that the process will be mature enough for Sony to put out the next PlayStation next year.

AMD has a GPU, equivalent to the GTX 1080/ti coming out early 2019, which will retail for $250, CPU tech already exists for a next gen console.
Samsung started mass production of GDDR6 chips earlier this year.

The tech required basically falls in line for 2019, cost wise, performance wise it makes no sense to wait as neither will improve by 2020.
Sony have also conveniently omitted sales projections for the 2019 to 2020 fiscal year from their recent investor relations event.

2019 is the most likely timeframe PS5 will launch.

porkChop171d ago

You're talking about first gen 7nm chips, which will just be a refresh focused on heat and energy savings. That's not enough. Any time hardware moves to a smaller die, the first gen is always focused on energy savings and heat. The following year will focus on pushing that die for increased performance, which would be for 2020.

Look, I have a 1080Ti, and mine is liquid-cooled and overclocked. I also have a Ryzen 5 1600x, liquid-cooled and overclocked. I've got 16GB of DDR4 at 3200MHz. It's not enough for current gen games at 4K. I'd have to turn all the settings down to get a smooth and playable framerate. Even with console optimization levels, it wouldn't be enough to run *next gen* games in 4K. You're not accounting for the jump in graphic, AI, and physics tech that comes with each new generation. Nobody wants next gen to just be PS4-level games in 4K, it needs to be better than that.

If Sony and Microsoft are shooting for $400 consoles, which is very likely, then 2020 is the earliest they could pull off a proper next gen console. That's why they released the mid-gen upgrades to satisfy the 4K needs a little bit until the right hardware is available.

MrSec84171d ago

First gen is now, next year the process will have had months of optimizations, it'll be ready for consumer parts.
Current gen games are based on slower CPUs, older architectures for GPUs and next gen consoles will presumably use larger and faster unified pools of memory, along with newer compression features for data management, all of this will allow next gen games to run more optimally at higher resolutions, but who said native 4K or the highest settings would be the target?
They may be, but it's not a given.
Still a quad core ryzen 1, with 8 threads is a good 3-4X faster than current PS4s CPU, at around 3GHz according to DF tests, 8 Core 16 Thread newer gen is 2X that and newer gen Ryzen faster still, even with custom tweaks.
Even a 10TFlop Navi GPU would likely perform over 8X PS4s GPU in real world scenarios, anything more than that from AMD would be gravy and that's not taking into account custom Sony/AMD mods for the console.

You're not getting cost gains or anything waiting past 2019, not for a current console, with a fixed sized case for their chosen tdp.
Costs and performance per watt won't be improved for a few years and AMD is a given so there's really no argument here.
Sony have never waited as long as people are claiming here, even given PS4's late arrival, Europe only waited 6.5 years after PS3's launch and that was an anomaly, caused by the economy issues, Sony's poor finances and the shift to a different CPU type and overall hardware vendor changes, none of those are issues now.

There's no evidence Sony will delay, Microsoft will likely do the same too, it's all a matter of when the tech is available, which is in 2019.

ImGumbyDammit171d ago (Edited 171d ago )


"AMD has a GPU, equivalent to the GTX 1080/ti coming out early 2019, which will retail for $250, CPU tech already exists for a next gen console. "

The whole APU must be $140 for a console priced around $399. It must also be tapped out and ready for heavy production before May 2019 to be put in a console by October 2019 release. That $250 you speak of implies Navi chip and that is not an APU but the standalone GPU chipset. AMD is not going cut into their high-end market of Navi profits with APUs (making a lot less per chip) and running at 12TFLOPS for quite some time after the release the Navi GPU. That 2019 release for Navi is for OEMs to put in a full card by Spring 2019. If Sony does do a console in 2019 it would be the Vega at 7nm (which supposedly will be able to hit 12TFLOPS) and will (probably) be ready and priced for a 2019 release. But not a Navi. It takes time to scale an APU up, working out heat and power requirements and get the pricing down to that $140 sweet spot for consoles. AMD just doesn't go straight to 12TFLOPS GPU and a solid Ryzen when they start making APU versions and do it a$140 from the get-go. Just look at how they are just starting to do Vega based APUs. AMDs first Vega APU (2200g & 2400g released a few months ago) are low-end initially to test out production but, even so they are still priced at $160 for a 1.75TFLOPS GPU based APU. That is around the same processing as a PS4. They have a bit to go before they are able to scale even Vega for new-gen console. AMD will continue scaling up the APU capability but it doesn't happen overnight.

MrSec84171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

@ImGumby: Clearly you don't understand the economics of processing hardware or how 7nm will work for AMD.
Sony won't be paying $250 for the GPU, actually cost of the actual processing chip is about 1/3rd of that, same is true of that CPU and Navi will be a far more modular component, meaning it's easily scalable.

Retail prices include a substantial profit margin for both the part producer and retailer, they're not representative of what console makers pay.

Sony buy at scale, adding substantial discounts to their per unit cost.
The GPU in question would cost them under $90, leaving $50 for the CPU component.
We currently have a 4 Core, 8 Thread Ryzen 1 for under $150, 7nm will increase density and easily allow for 8 Cores, with 16 Threads enabled for similar cost.

As I said Navi is a modular part, AMD also has infinity fabric, making for scalable APUs being easy to make and specific tape outs of a whole SoC a thing of the past.
Fabs will be mass producing parts that will be used in various different devices and not on a per part basis.

Basically it'll be a bolt together situation for AMD parts, just at a millimetre scale, at the fab, they'll be issued an order to make X number of Ryzen Modules, X number of Navi CUs, combine with Infinity Fabric and that equals PS5 or XBox Next's SoC, tape would have already happened and a customer specific one will not be needed.

AMD will be ready for this and to start production with fabs by late 2018 for their own APUs using Navi, early 2019 they'll be easily ready for PS5, etc.

DeadlyFire171d ago

HBM 3 is also going to be mass production by the beginning of 2020. It's lighter and cheaper than hbm2. Also a bit faster.

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Shiken171d ago

2020 earliest, 2021 latest.

Anything ealier would be a spit in the face to ps4 pro gamers.

KwietStorm171d ago

It is a general unwritten rule that you have no business getting in your feelings about an upgrade releasing, just because you made the conscious decision to buy-in early. Something about the design of their next offering will change or advance by the time I'm done typing this. That's how fast it moves. Nobody is being spat on. You control what you buy, and it should be obvious the next big thing is coming anyway.

paintedgamer1984171d ago

2020 is 7 long years since the ps4 originally released... 7 years at the latest. 2021 is 8 freaking years. The ps3 gen was the only 1 to go 7 years and that was mainly because of the recession... all the ps4pro and xb1x do was prolong the gen by a year... if there was no mid gen refresh the ps5 would be shown this year or next and launch next year indeffinately

Shiken171d ago

The thing you two need to remember is that the Pro and X were advertised to EXTEND the PS4 and X1's lifecycle. Charging a premium for a year long extension, as you suggest, would be anti consumer and pose a bad image for the brand. Many would see it as false advertising or at the very least deceptive advertising.

We have dynamic 4K now, so there is not really a good jump to make at an affordable price to justify a whole new generation. We will not see that tech come down in price until at least 2020. Remember, just going Native 4k will feel like another incremental upgrade rather than a new gen, we need more due to the Pro and the X.

You say to keep emotions in check, but then try to say that we need new consoles and you do not want to wait any longer. If your own emotions were in check, you would think about what is affordably possible rather than what you HOPE to happen.

Most consumers want a generational leap, not another small upgrade similar to the Pro vs base PS4. That takes time.

narsaku171d ago

Doesn't really matter much it's likely mid-late 2020 anyways. If it was going to be 2021 it would likely have been early in the year.

OB1Biker171d ago

It doesn't really matter much but it's good to remind people that the press come up with lots of Bs and they should question what they are told.