Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner M∀RS VR First Impressions

Konami and Cygames have recently released their demo for their upcoming re-release of Zone of the Enders. How does the much touted VR support hold up?

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Chexs1990147d ago

Hate Konami, but anything ZoE has my attention :D


I gotta get it, I hate konami too man BUT I LOVE THIS FRANCHISE!

Knushwood Butt147d ago

Sounds promising.

This is a series I have never played, but have wanted to play for a while. My first experience of it might just be in VR

Venox2008146d ago

as much as i dont like konami..there are few games i would buy.. a proper MGS3 VR (and 4) even with normal 3rd person camera..ZOE..proper castlevania