Fortnite, God of War break monthly revenue records - Superdata

In March, Fortnite: Battle Royale became the largest free-to-play console game of all time in terms of revenue and monthly active users. For April, Fortnite smashed its own record, and made $296 million across console, PC, and mobile, according to research firm Superdata.

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DarkVoyager146d ago

“The latter sold an estimated 2.1 million digital units, setting a record as the fastest-selling PS4-exclusive of all time. It more than doubled the sales of the previous record holder, Uncharted 4.“

That’s insane. I’m sure Spider-Man will be the next big seller.

UCForce146d ago

I think it will surpass it.

dirkdady145d ago where's the report on the record breaking stat Aaron Greenberg tweeted out about state of decay 2?

chrisx146d ago

"I’m sure Spider-Man will be the next big seller" bet!

galmi146d ago

I dont think spiderman will surpass god of war, the global following of the story and lore of god of war puts it way past spiderman, I do believe that spiderman will do good though.

SuperSonic91146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

" It's not about the's about the message." - Joker

And the message is that single player is here to stay to make money. The jokes on ....

146d ago
gangsta_red146d ago

I'm currently trying to finish those trials a second time in the lava/fire realm. Not easy at all.

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Alucard_420146d ago

you guys are getting down votes for placing spoilers here just a fyi

gangsta_red146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Spoilers? Pretty sure this is all common knowledge, especially by now. We're getting downvotes because of how awesome we are.

146d ago
Alucard_420146d ago

people do care, not all common knowledge dude , because everyone would of platinum by now. And no not awesome, if you respected other gamers you wouldn't say anything. but i guess you miss the memo. BTW the great thing about playing games is discovering things for yourself. but then again you don't give a shit so what do I care what you think.

gangsta_red146d ago

The game is definitely spoiled now that you know there's trials and a Valkeryie queen, not to mention armor/weapons to level up.

It's going to be extremely hard to enjoy the game and finish the story now that you know these crucial plot points ahead of time.

Alucard_420146d ago

Again the joy of playing games is discovering things yourself. All I am saying is announced *SPOILERS* don't have to a *&$^ about it.

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remixx116146d ago

Lol im just completing alfhiem so i have alot to do i guess.

akaFullMetal146d ago

Very nice to hear about gow, definitely deserves the sales!!!

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