How Insomniac's Spider-Man Could Change Video Game Stories Forever

MonsterVine: "Imagine looking forward to Marvel games in the same way that we can look forward to Marvel movies? To me, that’s nothing short of an ideal future. So long as the X-Men are there, I mean."

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FallenAngel1984240d ago

Why dafuq would you want a connected universe in gaming anyway?

- We’ve already seen how shady executive meddling can ruin games like Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. We don’t need that travesty happening to other gaming titles.

- You can fit far more into one game than you could with multiple movies. While it took 10 years to build up to Avengers: Infinity War you can simply make a game like Injustice 1&2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1&2 with no pointless build up & far more content because of the nature of the medium. Square Enix can release their upcoming Avengers game without anybody questioning why and get more out of it than Avengers: Infinity War, similar to how Batman: Arkham Asylum gave more to gamers than moviegoers watching The Dark Knight.

- Not every character will play the same so you’d have to account for the various different playstyles of these characters as opposed to a uniform gameplay style as is the case in titles like the Lego Batman series, Marvel vs Capcom series, Marvel Ultimate Alliance series etc.

- Unlike Marvel Studios, Insomniac will be focusing on other non-Marvel based projects in the future. Sony themselves would have to set aside most of their original content to focus on maintaining such a a shared gaming universe and that ain’t gonna happen. You can’t have an effective shared universe when it’s not your main priority otherwise it’d come off as half assed. In fact no developer or publisher has any incentive to devote so much time and effort to a licensed property to cultivate an over encompassing shared universe when they can simply add in cameos and make crossover titles as had always been the case in the past.

- Unlike with the movies, the license to Marvel properties is available to anybody willing to purchase it in the gaming industry. Meaning various incarnations of the same character will be seen across different titles, which won’t be coherent to a general audience. There’s only one live action Spider-Man in the movies while there will still be multiple Spider-Man characters in different games. There’s also no reason for all these different publishers to collaborate with one another to make sure a continuity is coherent because that’d stifle creativity.

There’s seriously no benefit when we already have various crossover titles in gaming as well as gratuitous cameos.

meka2611239d ago

Agreed this is just dumb.