Video-Game Console Generations Are Getting Longer: Here's Why

Jack Rear of Verdict writes: "Console generations are getting longer and that makes perfect sense for the businesses and the fans."

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FallenAngel1984199d ago

Consoles & games can get updated as well as there being more revenue streams than ever before

There’s no reason to release a new console out so soon unless it flopped like Wii U

rainslacker198d ago

Game design isn't advancing fast enough to warrant making a new system every 4-5 years. About the only thing that changes is the graphics. Some devs do things that weren't possible in the prior gen, but there really isn't a need for a new generation yet.

PhoenixUp199d ago

“In recent years, the video-games console market seems to have taken inspiration from smartphones, offering updates on pre-existing consoles rather than brand new consoles.”

Recently? Dude this isn’t anything new. This kind of thing has been happening in the gaming industry for the past 46 years. When you actually go through the history of the industry for the past four decades you’ll see more systems that got revisions than ones that didn’t, and this was all obviously long before smartphones ever existed or even cell phones for that matter.

“Arguably, it was Nintendo that pioneered this form of console updating.”

Lmao what? Another case of misinformed journalists giving Nintendo credit for something they didn’t pioneer because actual research is too hard.

Gaming consoles have always had revisions of hardware long before Nintendo entered the market. Magnavox & Atari released multiple editions of the Odyssey & Atari 2600 during the 1970s.

“The home console market didn’t feel the trend until recently.”

Oh lord the ignorance of this author is truly nauseating. This person really doesn’t know what they’re talking about. This is not new it’s been happening since the first generation of gaming. Do research before making BS statements.

darthv72199d ago

Revising a system to lower production costs (aka slim, junior, mini) is not quite the same as what we see with the Pro and X. Those are revisions that got significant improvements and released at or more than the initial price of the previous iteration.

If you want to get technical, the 360S is the first to have a revised design AND have features added that were not present in the original design. When you look at Atari, Sega, Nintendo and Sony systems, those that got physical revisions did not get performance or feature enhancements. They simply got physical refinements to reduce their size and production cost. In some cases, they removed features found in the original design as a means to cut costs as well.

rainslacker198d ago

And still there are other consoles which did it long before this gen. The N64 had the expansion pack. 3DS had the N3DS. 32X for Sega....although that was more it's own platofrm.

NEC was probably the first console that actually had what would be considered a mid-gen upgrade, technically twice if you include the arcade card, although they didn't mandate forward compatibility. It came out well before the 360S.

darthv72198d ago

N64 expansion pack is not the same either. It was intentionally made available to enhance the base unit. in fact the N64 never got a revision like the NES and SNES and even the cube and Wii did. 32X was also not a revision of a platform but an extension to it. If you want to talk handhelds then you had the GBA and GBASP, the DS, DS Lite and DSi (all part of that same DS family) then you had the 3DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS and even the 2DS. Each of which was a revision of the former with a few tweaks but nothing crazy (except the New 3DS, it did get a slight bump in specs).

Yes NEC would prob be the first to offer a revision to the hardware that also incorporated performance improvements. A base TG16 w/CD could play standard chip and CD games. Adding the Super CD card allowed it to play Super CD games but the specs of the hardware remained the same. When you look at the Duo, not only did it incorporate the chip and CD in one sleek unit, but the Super CD was built in AND there was an improved CD drive that had quicker loading times that helped benefit the super CD memory. Supergrafx was also a revision / upgraded system (ala the Pro / X) but it had an advantage neither the Pro nor X has. Not only could it play the full existing library but it had its own games as well as some that were improved over the base models.

PhoenixUp199d ago

If you read the actual article you’d see the author isn’t just talking about the Pro or X but anytime the hardware receives a revision in general.

360S isn’t the first revision to add new features that wasn’t on the original model

awdevoftw198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

I think it's the old born in 1998 syndrome.

TheEnigma313198d ago

The answer is simple; no need for an article. I don't even have to type the answer.

strayanalog197d ago

Graphics can't look but so good, and right now console manufacturers are starting to make a healthy profit, so the point and cost of starting another generation is pointless and expensive.‎