10 Battlefield V Features That Revolutionize World War II Shooters

COGconnected: We take a look at 10 Battlefield V features that are changing how gamers will view World War II shooters. Check them out, and make sure you share your thoughts.

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telekineticmantis150d ago

The towing stationary weapons thing is Crazy, and I hope you can dog trenches, that's cool.

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getbacktogaming150d ago

I would have liked to see the crater the V2 might have left in the ground

ClanPsi1150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

I find the fact that it's a completely fabricated alternate reality kind of revolutionary, I suppose. It looks like The Order: 1886 with WWII-esque things. I also appreciate how they call it Battlefield 5 and not Battlefield WWII, since this is absolutely NOT WWII.

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SixFragz149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Apart from female fighters being in the game, the game actually sticks to historical battles and conflicts within WWII.

Besides some of the customization seen in the trailer, I'm not sure what alternate history all of you bots are harping on about. Where is the alternate history you drones keep talking about? We barely saw the actual context of any of the battles, and they've repeatedly said the game is based on the untold battles of the war. Just because you don't know the battles doesn't make it alternate history.

You guys hear one another say one thing and just take off running with it. It's hilarious.

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ClanPsi1149d ago

I think you're misunderstanding a very important point here. When a game, movie, TV show, etc says "based on untold battles," it means that the battles never happened and are purely fictional. It doesn't mean they did a shit ton of historical research and found new information that nobody knew before.

Majin-vegeta150d ago

I like how well be able to build MG nests since for Some reason Dice is never able to put them in good positions

Tankbusta40150d ago

I had to laugh when I saw "Pro consumer business model"

Bwhahahahahhahahaha IT'S A TRAP!!!!

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Majin-vegeta150d ago

The only thing is cosmetics

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Tankbusta40150d ago

Believe that if you want. It might only be cosmetics at launch...but they have an ace up their sleeve that they will implement somewhere at some time. If you aren't skeptical about EA and DICE by now...I don't know what to tell ya

PapaBop150d ago

They always do this in their press releases, act like they're the Mother Teresa of gaming.

Heavenly King150d ago

Preferring to be inclusive rather than historically accurate in a WW2 game.
Revolution /s.

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