First Battlefield V Screenshots Released

Enter mankind’s greatest conflict with Battlefield V as the series goes back to its roots with a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2.

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RainOfTerror152d ago

looks pretty, but I'll wait for some in-game instead of in-engine footage..

TargusX152d ago

I skipped the last games as no offline bots, will they finally add again?

Whitey2k152d ago

I hope they have omaha beach as a map

RainOfTerror152d ago

Judging by how they seem to be going for non-conventional WW2 locations, it sounds like you may be out of luck.

SolidStoner152d ago

More plausible omaha will be in new COD than in this sci-fi ww2 BF with terminator soldiers from future, hope at least they will add time travel to feel it more authentic.

CodeNameTBW2152d ago

Battlefield 1.5 Also you can feel the SJW motive being forced down your throw....Yeah i said it.

narsaku151d ago

These aren't screenshots, come on man.

Fuck you'd think people would be sick of this since the Ubisoft downgrade era.