First Single-Player Details Emerge for Battlefield V

EA has revealed the first details of Battlefield V as part of a livestream, confirming that the franchise will return to World War II. Battlefield V will feature the same ‘War Stories’ style narrative design as its predecessor, Battlefield 1.

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PhantomS42148d ago

I loved the war stories from BF1. Short and to the point but brought you around the entire war and gave you some fresh perspectives.

SolidStoner148d ago

would be more great if they feel authentic, most of war stories were unrealistic one man army BS, its just a ROFL for a mature minds, looks like a cartoon for children, feels nothing like it was when watching documentary videos or stories...

PhantomS42148d ago

So then go watch WW2 in HD. You aren't playing video games for realism.

Razmiran148d ago

Its funny because all Dice did was talk about how authentic they were. So yes, you expect a degree of realism

147d ago
UltraNova148d ago

Great news so far. Plus they've listened regarding the premium pass bullcrap.

Now I need to know about MTs....

PS: So no BR mode, or do they keep that for E3?

Obscure_Observer148d ago


"Now I need to know about MTs...."

You said you gonna buy it used. Why bother? Don´t forget, it´s EA. And you hate GaaS.

UltraNova148d ago

I said i was going to buy it used if they add shady MT tactics that affect progression to hit EA where it hurts. If they dont then I'll support them, even day 1, provided we know everything there is to know before launch.

Thanks for... pay attention to what I say though!


Majin-vegeta148d ago

No premium pass=Micros/loot boxes this is why I preferred PP to stay.

The 10th Rider148d ago

I believe they said no lootboxes and only cosmetic microtransactions . . . Tying into the character customization (which is why the characters looked so out of place in the trailer).

As for battle Royale it sounds like if a grand conquest gamemode goes into a final battle it becomes last man standing. I guess that's their replacement for battle royale. They're showing it off at E3.

UltraNova148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Hmmm, if thats their plan at least they actually put some effort to change the tired BR formula.

GamesMaster1982148d ago

Ok that's all i needed too know so the campaign is like the last one 10 min war story eps thats fine, ill pick it up used sometime down the road to check them out.

RebDomine2148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Battlefield Fortnite :-(

148d ago
winter_hill147d ago

Day 1000! When it's well used and 5 bucks. I can wait, plenty of other games I'd much rather be playing.

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The story is too old to be commented.