Sony: Next update to PlayStation is 3 years away

Sony Corp. wants to spend three more years readying its next videogame move, the head of the PlayStation business said Wednesday. That would mark a slight slowdown in the six-to-seven-year update cycle for the console since the first one in 1994. The PlayStation 4 went on sale in 2013 and has sold more than 79 million units.

"We will use the next three years to prepare the next step, to crouch down so that we can jump higher in the future," said Tsuyoshi "John" Kodera, who took over last October.


Admin note: We note the title is imperfect as saying "use the next three years to prepare" does not equate to it necessarily happening in three years.

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darthv72244d ago

PS5 will be in 2020 but the next 3 years gives them time to prepare for the inevitable transition from PS4 to PS5. They said they are looking to release games for the PS4 over the next 3 years so that means by 2021 they will be in full swing supporting PS5. 2020 marks a pretty big year for Sony so they wouldn't want to pass up the opportunity to release their latest and greatest on a significant year like 2020.

The_Sage243d ago

Why do people keep disagreeing with you when you say this?... It makes perfect sense.

Gamist2dot0243d ago

Because they want PS5 to release this year or next. They don't understand that the later the release, the greater the tech for a reasonable price. We have seen the road map for AMD and know that 2020 is the perfect date...unless Sony are able to release a 14-16tf console by the end of next year.
Then there are those who just got on board and want the PS4 support as long as possible.

3-4-5243d ago

2020 has made sense for both the PS5 & next Xbox console for a while now.

It's the year that makes the most sense for me. Gives this gen 7 years which is slightly above average, and it's not like the PS4 or XB1 just disappear.

I'm honestly ready for the next gen as this one, while is had some gems, felt a bit of a let down compared to last gen.

I mean yea we got some of the best games ever on PS4 & XB1....more so on PS4, but it still felt like there weren't as many good games as last gen.

Either way, the tech increase should be a nice welcome and I love getting excited about the possibilities of the next gen.

Nintendo is doing it's own mid-gen thing now, and I like it. It gives them 3 years to be the " new console" and then Sony & microsoft go head to head for 3 years and then Nintendo gets its own window again.

Cobra951242d ago

Because 2018+3 = 2021. Because next step likely means next console refresh, whether that be yet another revision of the PS4, or an entirely new generation of Sony hardware. (My bet is on the latter.)

""We will use the next three years to prepare the next step . . ."

I read that as 2021 at the earliest, not at the latest. 3 years to *prepare* for the next step, with the clock starting to tick in May, 2018. If that Sony projection is inaccurate, I'm sure they'll correct it in due course. For now, it's what we have to work with.

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jaycptza243d ago

They won't release a product unless they know it will be taken up. If you a run a business you won't start selling a product if you believe it won't have mass appeal. Hence. No transition period. They costs would be crazy

darthv72243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

But... every console has a transition period. The transition period is the time when support for the former begins to diminish and shift to the newer. PS1 still received games after the PS2 released. PS2 still received games after the PS3 released and so on. PS5 will release and PS4 will still receive games but there comes a point where that support will end and all efforts will be focused on the PS5.

Some call it overlap but it is actually the transition period. It is what Sony is best at with making new consumers, near the end of a platforms lifespan, not feel left out while everyone else has moved on. That amount of time varies but we can deduce it will take 3 years from what Kodera is saying.

FinalFantasyFanatic243d ago

If you can get away with peddling the same product without spending on R&D then you would have less inclination to release a new one. I still think we'll see a ps5 in 2020 at earliest.

G3ng4r243d ago

darthv72 is correct. This statement is damage control for their previous statement that ps4 is nearing its end.

Vandamme21243d ago

In 3 years...that’s 2021

darthv72243d ago

Yeah, that's when support for the PS4 is scheduled to end but up till that point, the PS5 will have been out at least a year gaining traction.

JackBNimble243d ago

Sony has supported every console for over 10 years. I do not see Sony ending support for the ps4 in 2021, sure the ps5 may be out by then but I would expect support for the ps4 until at least 2023.

darthv72243d ago

@jack, support is more than just game development and releases. It also means technical and warranty support. Sony officially stated they would end game releases by 2021. That doesnt mean others would have to stop as well so there may be a few games here and there from smaller 3rd parties but overall you can expect Sony to have shifted their software focus to the PS5 by 2021.

conanlifts243d ago

My interpretation is that as they finish their currently announced ( or started but yet to be announced) titles for the PS4 they will move the teams over to the PS5. So if the PS5 releases in 2020 they will have plenty of games already in the works and ready for the first few years. Their comment was actually "We will use the next three years to prepare the next step, to crouch down so that we can jump higher in the future".

So I assume from this that there will be very little new announcements regarding PS4 games. Not that this is a bad thing as they still have a lot of great upcoming games for 2018/2019.

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FallenAngel1984244d ago

FFVII remake doesn’t look like it’ll make it this gen

cellfluid243d ago

I heard 2021 it's comin out.. Maybe [email protected] extra time is for ps5

FinalFantasyFanatic243d ago

Those of us who tempered our expectations kinda knew this. I don't see it coming out in the next couple of years.

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