Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Is All About A Darker, Selfish Side Of Lara…With Very Safe Gameplay

Gamesradar: Lara Croft isn’t exactly your girl next door anymore, and facing a new threat in ancient Mayan civilizations in Shadow of the Tomb Raider might just be her undoing

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showtimefolks151d ago

Still have yet to pick up ROTTR so this title is down the line. Original reboot was good step but making the 2nd tuned exclusive really hurt the game in my opinion

SenorFartCushion151d ago

So no change, then?
She is a nepotistic aristocratic gold-hunter!
That's about as selfish-a-profession as you can get.

narsaku150d ago

Since this studio is made by feminists I know it'll never happen, but damn.. Wouldn't it be epic to see her strip dance in a game?.. Maybe after falling in a small pool. Wet, a bit of mud.

Mmnnhhnnnnnmmmmm <3

I've dreamed of that for like 20 years now.