Finalized floor plans for E3 2018

With E3 2018 just three weeks away, the show’s floor plans have been finalized.

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lxeasy152d ago

Is this another one of the fake floor plans we are getting this year. I Microsoft isn't even on any of the floors lol and we all know they will absolutely be there. I don't know if I believe this one. There has been like 4 fake E3 floor plans this year alone

Goldby151d ago

they are using their own ms theatre for their show.

they will be at e3 but they wobnt ahve floor space at the nromal convention and instead hjave their own space for it.

similar to EAplay at E3

151d ago
ShottyatLaw151d ago

The spot held for "Mixer" in the South Hall is MS's. The rest will be at their building.

So it's probably accurate, but we probably still shouldn't care. It all will be the same on our tvs and PCs when we watch the coverage.