Sucker Punch Dev Tweets Tease for Ghost of Tsushima at E3 2018

Billy Harper, Animation Director at Sucker Punch, tweeted a photo of a katana sticking out of a platform. The picture shows what appears to be the initial start to setting up the Ghost of Tsushima area at June's E3 event.

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Nyxus152d ago

Oh nice! Only a little while longer until E3!

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telekineticmantis152d ago

Hope they have Samurai Showdowns like the commenter on Twitter just posted, it would kind of be like RDR's but with swords.

starchild152d ago

You're telling me! It's my most anticipated game, along with Cyberpunk 2077. I really hope they show us a decent amount of the stealth gameplay and more of the world.

UCForce152d ago

OH MY GOD ! I’m ready.

ArchangelMike152d ago

Awesome. I can't wait to see more this game. I think Sony have all the hype this year going into E3.

SuperSaiyanGod41152d ago

I agree, I find it funny how the media tries to make it seem like Spiderman, ghost of tsushima, death stranding and the last of us 2 aren't games to be really hyped for since Sony announced they we're going to take a deep dive into these 4 exclusives.

Like I said on another thread, these 4 games will be just as big as god of war or any other huge game people are looking forward too and we all seen what god of war did sales wise and single handedly gave the ps pro a huge boost in sales. Look for more of that with just these 4 exclusives and Sony has marketing rights for red dead redemption 2. Bruh nothing is going to stop PS4.

Hardiman152d ago

Yeah these four are in a league of their own and while some may try to downplay them there's no denying the hype and excitement for the gameplay of these titles!

Like you stated these four will be massive, massive system sellers!

While there are quite a few titles I'm excited for and there may be a few surprises, nothing has me more excited than seeing gameplay of TLOU2, Ghosts of Tsushima and Death Stranding!

SuperSaiyanGod41152d ago


I know what u mean bruh, the wait is killing me. Feels like we're waiting years even though it's a few weeks away lol.

Lamboomington152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

"I find it funny how the media tries to make it seem like Spiderman, ghost of tsushima, death stranding and the last of us 2 aren't games to be really hyped for since Sony announced they we're going to take a deep dive into these 4 exclusives. "

It's funny how PS fans keep acting like the media is trashing their poor games, despite the fact that this very same press is always scoring them 9 or 10 (and the odd score lower than that which is immediately pronounced as heresy)
Who on earth is trying to make it seem like Death Stranding, Spider Man, TLOU 2 are not big ? Where is this press you speak of ?

These are some of the most if not THE most hyped games ever, especially Death Stranding. Cyberpunk is probably the most hyped game overall, ofcourse

SuperSaiyanGod41151d ago


When gaming sites say aww Sony has already played their cards and announced their games they are going to talk the most about at e3 and say things like it's already a let down or giving it's competition a chance to win. To me that's telling me that these game sites are overlooking the 4 games Sony are taking a deep dive in. Doesn't that sound like they are brushing off Sony's 4 most highly anticipated games?

For example if Microsoft had a new halo and gears and 2 new ip's we knew that we're coming and Microsoft said, we're going to take a deep dive into these 4 exclusives that would be huge for Xbox fans.

Same for Nintendo if they had anew Zelda, Mario, Metroid prime and Pokemon game and said they were going to take a deep dive into these games Nintendo fans would be happy but the media would still try an downplay it like these games are just ordinary titles.

That's all I'm saying. Anyone who denies any of these 4 exclusives Sony are showing at e3 are small fries just look at god of war reviews and sales and take that into consideration of how strong PS4 exclusives are selling this generation before brushing off Sony like they already played their cards.

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isarai152d ago

I know it has given no hint of it whatsoever, but i feel like i'm going to be watching the new trailer and somewhere along the presentation the protagonist is going to use some super power out of nowhere and blow my f*&%ing mind!

Wont be disappointed if this isn't the case, just feel like it's something that'll happen.

FATHASUN152d ago

Super Powers will make this game into something other than what it has been portrayed to be so far.

Very little is known but I am not getting that type of vibe from this.

Smokehouse152d ago

I agree. I think the smoke effect was just a visualization of this fallen samurai turning into an assassin. More symbolic than a super power. I don’t mind believable “super powers” and ninja tricks (it’s sucker punch) but I’d rather it not be heavy on the supernatural. I’m getting the vibe of historic as well.

MrSec84152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Yeah, it seems more like a realistic, dramatic epic story, about a fallen Samurai Warrior who becomes a Ninja or Ghost.

The smoke literally looked like a Ninja explosive, used for deception as a strategy, I don't think this game will have Infamous style powers.

I personally hope it's a logically thought out, realistic melee game, set in a vast open world, with a landscape that's alive and packed with depth that fits the era.

jhoward585152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

By judging by the the first GOT tralier it has a japanese traditional feel to it. I don't think this game will have an over the top super human powers or magics in the game.

Bathyj152d ago

I really hope you're wrong. I'm looking for feudal Japan. Nothing more. Less Dragon Ball Z, more open world Tenchu. But with great sword play, story and voice acting.

In fact this would be the only game I would actually want to play with the Japanese voice acting if available.

Sevir152d ago

They're exploring the Mongol invasion of Tsushima... Honestly Sucker Punch's pedigree is tight gameplay and fantastic sense of empowerment of it's players. The very end of the trailer showed the protagonist gain the powers of "Ghost" to overwhelm the Mongol army...

I'm sure it will be historic , but I have a feeling this will be bend on the fantastical side

MrSec84152d ago

@Sevir: The trailer didn't show any powers, it had the Samurai transform into what looks like a Shinobi, the cloud of smoke was from a physical, period appropriate explosive.

This seems grounded in realism, with a stylistic edge.

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