Sea of Thieves Update 1.0.8 Xbox/PC adds New Player Settings and Improves VFX & Performance

Rare and Microsoft have rolled out Sea of Thieves update 1.0.8 across all Xbox One platforms and Windows 10 PC.

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Aceman18149d ago

I guess some are still playing huh?

drpepperdude149d ago

The pirate legend grind is never ending, I am hoping the big update coming next week is meaningful. So far I have put more time in this game than any other this generation of consoles, only Battlefield 4 and Rocket League comes close for me.

Jinger149d ago

There are still plenty who play

jmetalhead77812149d ago

I guess some are just miserable trolls still huh?

Emme149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Wait,what lore books ?