Sony's New PlayStation Chief Hints at Portable Gaming Revival

Sony Corporation new PlayStation chief John Kodera said he sees a future in portable gaming, departing from his predecessor’s view that there’s a limited market for handheld games.

Kodera, who replaced Andrew House as the head of the 1.84 trillion yen ($16.6 billion) games division in October, said portable gaming should be seen as an important part of the PlayStation ecosystem, adding that Sony is carrying out various experiments in the field. He hinted that the next console may be closely integrated with portable devices, but said it’s “not yet the right stage to discuss specific hardware plans.”

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FallenAngel1984201d ago

I wouldn’t hold my breath. Sony releasing another handheld in an even more competitive mobile market seems very unlikely

Many of PSP’s & Vita’s selling points have been adapted by rivals and there isn’t a lot Sony could do to make a next handheld to stand out.

JaguarEvolved201d ago

Lol. It's very possible they can make a portable gaming device. Imagine a portable gaming system where you can always be connected via 4g, or 5g. If they can get battlefield, cod, gta5, and some other games to be played in 1080p with stable connection online on the go then it would sell a lot. It would likely be expensive but if they can keep the cost down then a lot of gamers would be interested. It's possible. Don't cry

Neonridr201d ago

twice now Sony went with the "We'll make it more powerful and more expensive than the Nintendo handheld". How did that strategy work out for them so far Jaguar? I guess this would be Strike 3 if they attempted that again.

naruga201d ago

@Neoridr , PSP destroyed 3DS just saying

Thatguy-310200d ago

They just need to make a handheld that will pair up perfectly with their home console. I would like to play my library on the go. Im sure they'll reintroduce one around the time ps5 comes around.

Prince_TFK200d ago


Wouldn’t be fair to compare the PSP to the DS and the PS Vita to the 3DS?

JaguarEvolved200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

"twice now Sony went with the "We'll make it more powerful and more expensive than the Nintendo handheld". How did that strategy work out for them so far Jaguar? I guess this would be Strike 3 if they attempted that again."

**the mindset of a Nintendo fanatic on display here where the quality of games or the advancement of games or consoles doesn't matter but to cheerlead anything made by the company you prefer. Nintendo sols expensive cardboard which was a success so expect more rubbish by Nintendo on the way. This guy haven't any credibility because he says Zelda botw graphically looks better than horizon zero dawn. The PlayStation portable systems are always innovative and powerful. I know a new PlayStation portable would be very powerful and better than what the switch can do but a lot of Nintendo fanatic would ignore it and bash it because it's superior to Nintendos offering

darthv72200d ago

"Mr. Kodera said the company is looking at ways to better incorporate mobility into the PlayStation, traditionally a living-room console. Nintendo Co.’s popular Switch machine can be used both in the home and as a portable device."

This leads me to think they are looking at creating a hybrid that can be a powerful home unit when docked and a powerful and energy efficient unit when on the go. The bulk of any console comes from the optical drive and cooling system. If they can eliminate one they can reduce the other because the generation of heat has been reduced.

So imagine a PS5 with no optical drive but still able to play high quality 4k games and even PS4 games via download (or streaming). They can give it a super crisp display and long lasting battery life as well as energy efficient APU that is capable of 4k60 and wireless VR support.

Heavenly King200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

Sony needs a PS4GO or a PS5GO, that plays "demastered" versions of the respective console version of the games; without needing to buy a second copy. The inverse process they do with the PS4PRO

Ju200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

@Heavenly...exactly that. Same game on the go. Even better if you could simply continue playing the same game (transfer on the fly). Scaled down of course. But still better than what you can do on the Switch today

fewDankMemes200d ago

I think the reason Sony is going to not release the PS5 until 2021 is because they're planning on releasing a PS4 hand-held either this year or next year. I think the catch will be digital games only, as I don't see them fitting a disc drive on a decent hand-held. I think it will be much like the switch where it can be hooked up to a tv easily for a console experience. There are lots of people that would be interested in taking high end games on the go with them.

Muzikguy200d ago

@Heavenly King

That sounds like a great idea of something that Sony should do


I’m not so sure about that. One thing I know is that “third times the charm.”

I think Sony could do very well in a handheld market. Making a device like the Vita to complement the system on the market would be great. Hopefully they have enough buttons, or try to make something completely different but stick to it. I personally don’t want to see any kind of hybrid system.

DillyDilly200d ago

It better play the Console Games like the Switch does or its a bust already

Kribwalker200d ago


the PSP’s competition was the DS, which killed every portable. The Vita and the 3DS/2ds were head to head

KillZallthebeast200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

Vita had a cod and it was still mostly a flop. Sony just didn't try. I owned a vita and psp for the record.
Edit it also had a kickass killzone game

starchild200d ago

It just needs good and consistent software. And the only way I see sony achieving that is if they figure out a way for the new handheld to play the same games as the home Playstation consoles.

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naruga201d ago

if there is no pre agreed deal wit Capcom to release a new Monster Hunter for the system and at least Square, Platinum, Kojima Pro, ,FromSoft to support the system with proprietary games ...then Sony guys dont bother at all to release a portable system....Nintendo can do it because has unsurpassed first party dev teams and IPs ..Sony cannot ...and this was ultimately proved with Vita ....

Eonjay200d ago

Vitas issues were the memory cards. In the case of the handheld itself, it needed to sell more to get that attention and people were not gonna buy into a memory card scandal.

TallonIV200d ago

"PSP destroyed 3DS just saying"

Bruh, what are you smoking?

naruga200d ago

i edited the comment below ...I wanted to say DS ...ok i fing know 3DS appeared 6 years later than PSP

FallenAngel1984201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

@ Jaguar

Vita had a 3G model and that quickly got discontinued. Nobody wants to pay a premium for a feature that doesn’t even seem practical for a handheld device. If they wanted a device where they’d have to pay to use 3G, 4G or 5G they’d rather use their cell phone.

You seem to not be getting the point. Much of the selling points for PSP & Vita were that they offered multimedia capabilities & console on the go experienced. That’s far more easy to come by on other mobile devices as well as Switch.

Offering 1080p on the go isn’t going to sell a boatload of units. Vita had vastly superior hardware over 3DS & it didn’t even sell over 20 million in smartphone boom. What makes you think even more powerful hardware would stand a better chance in today’s market?

@ Neo

PSP is still one of the hugest successes in gaming. 80 million units isn’t anything to overlook. That puts it on par with GBA and above every Nintendo console except Wii.

rainslacker200d ago

Sony really screwed up the 3G because they locked it to AT&T. That was the dumbest move, considering that they don't even have half the market for cell use. On top of that, it wasn't even usable on networks that used the ATT network but went under a different name.

There's a reason that people actually boo'd at that announcement.

FallenAngel1984200d ago

It wouldn’t have faired any better if it were with another service provider. Not enough people are going to settle on a data plan for a handheld system period. That kind of thing is justified with phones and tablets that have more accessibility & features. Anybody getting something that’s primarily for gaming will opt for the cheaper WiFi only model.

naruga200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

edit (to my comment) .....PSP destroyed DS sorry .. forcing Nintedno to ultimately steal from Sony hands Monster Hunter (and downgrading the series offcource)

gangsta_red200d ago

Lol, I don't know where you get this idea that Nintendo is stealing from Sony. You said this same type of comment about Smash Bros.

And Capcom developing MH for DS didn't kill the PSP

Prince_TFK200d ago

Even if the DS didn’t have MH you think it would sell less than the PSP?

nommers200d ago


The psp came out 5 years before the 3DS and the 3DS is still selling well right now. It’s about at 70 million right now vs psps current 80 million. It will probably pass that mark.

Goldenhawk521200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

All it takes for a handheld to be successful like the 3ds and the PSP is game support. Software sells hardware. If there are a constant flow of good games releasing for it, it will sell well. It's been proven time and time again. Case closed. You can't wiggle around that. Say what you want but the fact still stands that software support sells.

CurbStompin200d ago

It needs cross buy with PS4 to be relevant. I wont pay $60 for a PS4 game and another $60 for the portable version of it.

rainslacker200d ago

I just hope if they do it, they learn what people didn't like about the Vita, and don't do it again.

indysurfn200d ago

This is a quote of what the executive said, from the article for all that did not read it:

"“In my opinion, rather than separating portable gaming from consoles, it’s necessary to continue thinking of it (portable gaming) as one method to deliver more gaming experiences and exploring what our customers want from portable,” "

ABizzel1200d ago

Don't do it, just make a gaming tablet like I said for the longest, it's a significantly more practical device, and it helps with your mobile division sells. Make a high-end PS Gaming Tablet, you can sell it for $400 if it can be added to existing cellphone plans. It didn't work for Vita which because it was only on AT&T, 3G, and had an awful data limit. Now that every carrier has unlimited and installment plans, it's perfect for gamers to scoop up a PS Tab and put it on their plan for $20/mo. It would sell more than the Vita did, and due to the larger size it can house significantly better hardware.

3-4-5200d ago

Still have my psp & Vita I have games backlogged on. Mostly just the Legend of Heroes games.

psp had a wide variety of games....Vita did not.

I love my 3DS & Switch so I would def get another Sony handheld if the game selection was interesting enough.

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rpvenom200d ago

I think a vita 2 would only make sense if you could play your ps4 library at base ps4 graphics with no online connection required. remote play only works well if you have a good connection but I want to be able to play my ps4 library with out streaming. i had the vita and the lag and streaming from remote play was unplayable..

crazyCoconuts200d ago

DF did a good piece to put that in perspective. Short answer is that we're easily years off from being able to shrink a PS4 down to a handheld unfortunately. Not saying games couldn't be republished for a PS4 lite with reduced resolutions and textures, but it would take effort.

JaguarEvolved201d ago

If true it would make a lot of switch fanatics cry. They are going through a drought at the moment and living off of rumours. I'm not sure how it's possible because it seems like Sony's doing a lot of things with different hardware. They said they are doubling down on games for their core PlayStation fans

Neonridr201d ago

a drought? What are you smoking?

telekineticmantis200d ago

I just hope they make it part phone, so I don't have to buy 2 things, or part Laptop, something along that line.

kneon200d ago

They did have a "PlayStation" phone called the Xperia Play. Basically a PSP go that was an Android phone, it didn't do well, in part because it only played Android games.

The handheld market is forever going to be a niche market except perhaps in Japan, phones and tablets have taken the bulk of that market segment. The main reason the Switch sold well was because it is the only place to play some big Nintendo exclusives, and it's yet to be seen how long that will continue.

Automatic79200d ago

A drought? Are you serious.Switch has so many games I can keep up with.

Prince_TFK200d ago

“They are going through a drought at the moment and living off of rumours. ”

Too bad that we don’t have any big gaming show dedicated to showing games that are currently in production or being close to be released. I wish we could have one soon.

Doge200d ago

Kratos: The cycle ends here.

marloc_x200d ago will be a hybrid that uses cartridges.

narsaku200d ago

Genuinely fanatical or outright stupid?

I haven't put down my Switch since it's release. By far my most active console played on since the PS1.

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naruga201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

No MonHun ---no party ----just that ....

jhoward585201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

Sony got too much on thier hands as it is. They got to make games for PS4, VR, PS5, etc. That said, there just isn't enough 1st party devs to support all of them equally. So adding a handheld to the PS brand wouldn't make any sense.

Araragifeels 200d ago

They have to relied heavily on 2nd Party and 3rd Party Studio or create new Studio to completely focus on the Handheld.

jhoward585200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

Creating a game studio is not a simple process because you can't buy talent. Part of the reason this happnes is that the talents that out there in the gaming indsutry are broken in to groups. And, some of those group of talents are filled more then the other groups of talents. Some of those groups of talent fall short while the other groups are completely filled. That said, there are talents who are good at character models. There are talents who are good at objects/props/ environmental designs. There are talents that are good at animations but not good at either of the two I mentioned in my post. To become a real good character modeler rquire that the devs have a good understanding of human human anatomy and proportions or else the character models themselves won't look good enough to pass as a human. And, in most case the Devs will have some art background which greatly helps with the 3d designs. Another thing to consider, is that there just isn't enough talent out there to supply the demands for the gaming world. And now, that the bar/time to make a sucessful game has been rasied from 3-4 years to 5-6 years so it's less likely that a heldheld device would be well supported like the other Sony brands.

Teflon02200d ago

Sony has the structure to do so, that's why. Sony maybe smaller in terms of money to say MS. But Sony is in more, They gave up on Vita, yes. Not because they had to, but because it was a sinnkhole for games bigger than niche or ports outside japan sadly. So they let the games that were less likely to get shine get the lime light. Vita made me try so many games and series that I never attempted before or didn't really give a proper try. If they announce one to release by the end of 2019 and have PS5 2020 or 2021 that would be perfect to me. They'll have some studios that can work on titles for it while others work on PS5. Plus I think it needs to be modular or it would be pointless because it just won't make sense otherwise. Also, sadly for AMD but unless they can find a way to save on power consumption they'd be better going with intel on it, if what I've head about AMD not being good with power consumption.