Submit Your Question For Game Informer's Days Gone Podcast Interview

As they come to the end of their month of coverage on Days Gone from Sony Bend, Game Informer give the community that's been following along the chance to ask the game's developers anything they want. In an upcoming episode of The Game Informer Show podcast they'll be speaking with lead developers of the PlayStation 4 exclusive and asking them dozens and dozens of burning questions from the community.

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FallenAngel1984200d ago

I wanna ask them if they can have “From the creators of Bubsy 3D” as a marketing slogan for Days Gone.

AdonisIsBeast198d ago

This is the first thing I read after I got off work and lol’d.

OB1Biker200d ago

Id like to ask them how long they think they need to have the game optimised and it would be cool to explain how they proceed.

UCForce200d ago

That’s the good question.

jhoward585200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

I'd like to ask them does the bike runs at differents speeds? Will they add some roar/rumble/pop sounds to the bike? Does Bend studios feel they need to rework some things in days gone? if so what are they?

ArchangelMike200d ago

I'd like to ask the devs a whole bunch of question

- Can the players narrative choices affect the ending of the game?
- Will Days Gone will have Story DLC after launch?
- WIll there be NG+ once the game is completed?
- Why did they decide to call the primary enemies 'freakers' instead of... anything else?
- Are there more enemy types that have not been shown yet?
- etc etc

Like I said, I've got loads of questions :)

Zeke68198d ago

One question: Exact release date ? Only thing I care about right now. :)

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