Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference is Two Hours Long

Microsoft has updated the schedule for its Xbox E3 2018 press briefing, and it seems it will be a longer briefing than previous years.


Mod note: the info given suggests this would be considered a "placeholder" time more than anything; not guaranteed to run two hours long.
- coolbeans

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lociefer1714d ago

That'll be interesting, i'll see if they can win me over, provided that halo, gears and 3rd parties aren't the only things they show

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johndoe112111714d ago

It could be 10 hours long and that would mean crap all if they don't bring good games that aren't multiplats.

-Foxtrot1714d ago

Seems like a long time but if we look at how long announcements will typically last then you'll see it seems right. When showing off a game you'll have the trailer and the devs on stage talking about it so I think it's usually 5 - 15 minutes for a game depending on what it is.

Opening with Speech about Xbox

Gears of War 5
Forza Horizon
Crackdown 3
Reveal teaser of new IP
Sea of Thieves DLC plans
Maybe State of Decay 2 future content
Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Remedy's new game

New Indie Games
New Xbox Features
Backwards Compatibility
Online features
Streaming content

So seems pretty full and this is just from a rough guess knowing Microsoft and what their past shows have been like. I wouldn't be expecting surprise after surprise despite it looking like a long show on the surface.

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PhoenixUp1714d ago

No matter how long it is it isn’t going to dramatically change their position in the console market

MuddyWaters1714d ago

People are wanting games and now you care more about it chasing the others in sales? The PS3 and Xbox 360 were great systems for games but I guess you enjoyed your Wii a lot more.

Eonjay1714d ago

Stop trying to muddy the waters by insisting a mutual exclusive relationship where none exists. People can want games and the company can want to do something about its crumbling market share at the same time

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Kribwalker1714d ago


Crumbling market share?

sales are up this year, so i see it improving, not crumbling

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UCForce1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

@kribwalker But is that good enough ? And @Obsure_Observer, 2 hours long press conferences just like the last year. I would love to see MS prove me wrong, but it’s seem every years it become so predictable. The problem with MS is that they take their expectations way too high.

Kribwalker1714d ago

well sony has stated the PS4 sales are slowing year on year in their financial statements while the xbox one is increasing in sales year on year, so if that continues it will increase their current market share percentage as being outsold 1.75-1 instead of 2-1 would lessen the percentage difference

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Sevir1714d ago

Sony Stated that The Sales of PS4 consoles are expected to slow now that they are reaching Market Saturation... In Nov this year the PS4 will have been on the market for 5 years and should have cleared 80+ million... They don't expect To cut production cost dramatically to make these machines, especially when it's reaching a mass market consumption. Gone are the days of consoles costing $99-$199 with cutting edge tech selling 15-20 million yearly in the end of it's life cycle... PS4 should cross 100 million in 2-3 years... This Fiscal year they expect to sell 16 million and the following year 12-14

monkey6021713d ago

What the hell did I just read?

"if that continues it will increase their current market share percentage as being outsold 1.75-1 instead of 2-1 would lessen the percentage difference"

Uh no it wouldn't! It would just mean they don't lose as much shares as previous. They're still being outsold. Therefore still losing ground. You teally should have tried thinking about that begote blurting nonsense.

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LOGICWINS1714d ago

MS has made it very clear that they care more about active paid subscribers than console sales as it's the more lucrative business model long-term based on their research.

People on the Internet seem to care more about their position in the console race than MS does.

zerocarnage1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Couldn't of said it better.

The only people mostly caring about these exclusives are the Sony gamers who love paying so much attention into Microsoft, wonder why that is, maybe they actually brought an Xbox that is why they're secretly supporting more new franchised games on the console lol.

Seriously PlayStation fanboys on this site seem more invested in xbox than Xbox gamers and they have the console..

battlegrog1714d ago

Console gamers dont have a clue about the long term reality of software. Steam has never had a console in its life and its digital dl system has brought them billions. Ms xan gain a lot out of a full on cliud xbox app on pc

Knushwood Butt1713d ago

Yet active paid subscribers goes hand-in-hand with console sales.

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Obscure_Observer1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )


"No matter how long it is it isn’t going to dramatically change their position in the console market"

Jesus. Only insecure fanboys are worried about Xbox´s position in the console market after E3. REAL gamers only want Microsoft to put out a good show filled with good games.

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Mmmkay1714d ago

If you are happy with multiplats only why get the xbox one five years ago? weaker hardware at a higher price!? makes no sense. and you are still defending it. lol

Stogz1714d ago

Ah and I suppose in this fake scenario you're the real gamer??? Hahahahaha good one!

Prince_TFK1714d ago

At this point it doesn’t need to. Just provide enough contents to satisfy existing user base and to attract a couple millions more is a win in my book.

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PrinceVegeta1714d ago

They have got a huge gap to fill

DeadSilence1714d ago

2 hours of multi platforms lmao

Relientk771714d ago

I'm excited to see them because I can play them.

Neonridr1714d ago

hey, don't knock multiplats. They are the best selling games on those 2 consoles. If they are good, then why not?

But yes, they definitely need to show some exclusives as well. Hopefully ones that people actually want to play.

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Neonridr1714d ago

@gamerzero - true, but these companies also show off their partnerships with other companies. Look @ Sony with Destiny coverage for example or MS with Anthem from previous E3's. It's still good to see these games and not all devs have their own stage show.

Zool 081714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

So 2 Hours of dross then, how great

zerocarnage1714d ago

And so what it's games regardless, some don't actually care about first party's as much as others.

Love how you try and blow this up like it's the only thing that matters on a console, it is not or first party's would be storming thirds all over..

Xavi4K1714d ago

That play best on the X

Bhai1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Yep, but then again,its non-relative to everyone: Sony or MS.
-Only around 2% of xb1 install base can enjoy that 'resolution-only' boost, the rest of around 98% are stuck with the same old 720p-900p sh!te...
-That 'resolution-only' perk comes in at what? 100$ more, and meaningless if you don't own a 4K TV ;)
-PS4/Pro still holds the largest community of the best playing versions of every multiplatform... that almost 2% of a fully ravaged, overpriced and dying console are just negligible ;) XD...
The rest of the game is still at Sony's ballpark i.e. console-sales driving, industry defining and driving exclusives hehehe!
100% of Sony's install-base has access to them! ;)

CaptainObvious8781714d ago

Maybe I'll actually watch MS this year, because most of it will be stuff I can look forward to on my PS4.

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XiNatsuDragnel1714d ago

Hopefully they actually show something other than no offense gears, halo, and Forza.

DJStotty1714d ago

no offense, but halo hasnt been shown since 2015, gears since 2016.

lociefer1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

No offense, but no offense

DemonChicken1714d ago

Minecraft will probably be shown again

They show this almost every year =/

Bobafret1714d ago

I hope for something new as well.