God of War had the best debut month ever for a PlayStation exclusive

God of War has had a better debut than any other PlayStation exclusive ever, according to The NPD Group. Not only was it the best-selling game in the U.S. in April, but it’s performance in its first month also outpaces all other PlayStation exclusives. That’s not just PlayStation 4 — it’s for any PlayStation since the platform’s debut in 1995.

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Nyxus152d ago

Single player games sure are dead... /s

BeardedDrachen152d ago

Why’d you disagree with the report?

Eidolon152d ago

Because it's overused, probably.

solideagle152d ago

congrats to SSM, they deserve every bit of it.

SuperSonic91152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

WOW really? Not even the Final Fantasies, the Dragon Quests, Metal Gears, GTAs or Gran Tourismos?!

Never liked the old GOW games for the extreme wanton wtf violence even if the gameplay mechanics and graphics quality were almost perfect but this GOW made me a firm believer in SSM. I was just waiting gor this GOW and it blew my expectations.

SuperSaiyanGod41152d ago

My boi kratos slaying not only 2 different mythologys but now slaying sales numbers. Congratulations to SSM and Cory Barlog. U guys deserve it.

Kryptix152d ago

Don't forget, they're not as popular, but watch MS do the 10th 180 in one gen and follow Sony's footsteps in the next few years, walking in their shadow since 2001.

I believe God of War sold like 3mil in the first week, but can you imagine The Last of Us 2?

It's good to see games like these that are amazing quality be this successful, it just means Sony will be pushing out even more games of this caliber and not just anything like a monkey in a zoo or Microsoft.

DarkVoyager152d ago

“God of War had the best debut month ever for a PlayStation exclusive”

Say what?

Spencer: “Titles like Zelda & Horizon ZD Are Doing Well But “Don’t Have the Same Impact” As Before“

Add God of War to that list. /s

If Xbox had amazing single player games like God of War you’d likely change your tone.

Dragonscale151d ago

Its just the usual fud from spenser because ms doesn't have the teams or the talent to make games of this caliber. Same reason as bc is being touted as this great feature when really its to compensate for the same problem. Trouble is it takes so long to create great games like gow its gonna be a looooong time before xbox starts to produce games of that metric if ever considering ms' philosophy of the future of gaming being gaas based mt fests.

SuperSonic91151d ago

“Don’t Have the Same Impact” As Before“ 

But you know what Spencer is correct ... the impact is even GREATER than before!

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ArchangelMike152d ago

Wowzers! That's some impressive feat.

AspiringProGenji152d ago

Every exclusives is better than the last. This is what a call consistency

UltraNova152d ago Show
UCForce152d ago

Glad to hear it. I can’t wait for another God Of War.

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The story is too old to be commented.