April 2018 NPD: PlayStation 4 outsold Switch, Xbox One

Sony’s PlayStation 4 continues to outsell the competition in a healthy console market, according to industry-tracking data firm The NPD Group.

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Nyxus1957d ago

“PlayStation 4 generated the highest April unit sales for a console since Nintendo Wii in April 2009, and the highest April dollar sales for a console since Nintendo Wii in April 2008.”


darthv721957d ago

Damn indeed. People waited a long time to play Kratos and it was well worth the wait. "It turns out that people were way into checking out Kratos’s latest adventure."

JaguarEvolved1957d ago

Domination. Well deserved because PlayStation is the best gaming console. While PlayStation has new games and announced games the other console gaming companies have no games but pure rumours. It's almost the 6th month of the year but the switch has game drought and Nintendo released cardboard for the fans to buy.

sonarus1957d ago

Yea god of war is probably best ps4 game I have played till date.

hulk_bash19871957d ago

Congrats to Sony and Santa Monica Studios for an amazing month. GOW is a great game, near perfect IMO, and deserves all the sales it gets and more.

butchertroll1957d ago

MLB has always a steady performance for years now. Huge drop for Sea Of Thieves. It's hilarious to see Yakuza 6 ( digital aren't included, only retail ) over Sea Of Thieves ( with digital ).

The Wood1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I dunno. . . . this word called 'impact' keeps popping up in the back of my mind. . .closely followed by the term 'out of touch'. . . .can somebody help me

UltraNova1957d ago

These numbers are at console launch window levels. This is crazy...right when you thought sales would give in during the console's 5th year. It goes to show how important quality games are to a system, no matter its age.

Constant quality support is King, period.

rainslacker1956d ago

That's what you call impact.

nitus101956d ago

I have not played GoW (Kratos) "yet" which is on my to-do list.

The issue I find (ie. first world problems 😎) is that I have too many full games and having a PS+ account only exacerbates the problem. Surprisingly I have not spent all that much on games.

Oh well back to Dark Souls II (yes I know it's "Dudes in armor" but it is still great fun) but I haven't played DS III, Horizon Zero Dawn or NiOH yet.

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majiebeast1957d ago

It did 326K switch did 171K and Xb1 did 131K meaning that PS4 outsold both combined and almost doubled switch sales in its 5th year!

Bathyj1957d ago

Not too sound like a jerk, but what are 131k people doing buying an Xbox. I mean if you were buying a new console the month GoW released would it be an Xbox? Are they all PlayStation owners? I don't get it.

darthv721957d ago

@bathy... perhaps thats what it is. I mean if someone already has a ps4 and maybe a switch and they are itching to buy into another platform then.....

In other reports it has been saying xbo is increasing yoy while ps4 decreases yoy. Who knows.

SuperSonic911957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@ majie

Beast Mode!!!!!

PS4 is on Spartan Rage Mode!

PS4 exclusive are system sellers indeed not just 3rd party games like COD or GTA.

PS4 may be 4 years old but its not "slow and old" , Baldur.

JackBNimble1957d ago

Perhaps not everyone wants a ps4 or GoW... I haven't picked up GoW yet.

Razzer1956d ago

"In other reports it has been saying xbo is increasing yoy while ps4 decreases yoy. Who knows."

What reports? Link.

And how is PS4 decreasing YOY when they just had their best month of April for any console since 2009?

DJ_Professor_K1956d ago

Thats crazy this far in it’s life cycle you can’t go wrong picking up a PlayStation it’s a safe investment for entertainment game companies usually drop the ball in the next generation it would be nice if they kept making the right decisions when they bring the ps5 to the table

Aura75411956d ago


The PS4 is actually up YOY in the US so far thanks to God of War. It will likely drop down below a few months later because last June, Sony released the gold and silver PS4's that sold quite a bit. However, Spiderman will be the biggest September release the PS4 has had since Destiny 1 in September 2014. And Red Dead Redemption will arrive in October.

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TheProblem1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

PS4 sold more than Double Xbone in it's strongest territory. World wide sales for April could have been more than 5 to 1

S2Killinit1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Yup, also I think at this point we should stop refering to the U.S. as xbox’s strongest territory. It implies that its their territory and clearly the U.S. is more Playstation territory than xbox’s at this point.

Dragonscale1956d ago

@S2, even though its getting beat in the US, xbone still sells the most consoles there so its still xbones strongest territory even though its technically PS4 country at the present.

SuperSonic911956d ago

I can see no version of this where the Xbox One or the Switch can come out on top.

Not this year when you have God of War

No bloody way.

Spenok1957d ago

Wow, that's ridiculously impressive.

CaptainObvious8781957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I wonder how many of those sales were disgruntled xbone owners that finally had enough of Phil's and MS's empty promises?

ILostMyMind1957d ago

An XB owner never has enough of empty promises. It always fits one more (Crackdown 3).

SuperSonic911956d ago

So single player games don't make money anymore, eh?
What a load of bullocks!

showtimefolks1957d ago

So much for ps4 slowing down. I think this would be the biggest tear hardware wise for ps4

God of war
Black ops 4 marketing
Destiny 2 expansion
RDR2 exclusive marketing with an exclusive limited edition console most likely

I think Sony is underestimating what ps4 is capable of achieving in 2018. And take into affect ps4 might be under $179 around holiday season

Muzikguy1956d ago

When and if the system gets that low I’m buying a Pro.

Shakengandulf1956d ago

@muzikguy.. i bought one with gow, absolutely love it..
Even supersampled to a 1080p tv look incredible.

chaosblades1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Well done, PS division!