H1Z1 On PS4 Shows PUBG On Xbox One How It's Done

Despite some server issues, H1Z1 has landed in a far better state on PS4 than PUBG did when it arrived on Xbox One.

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IamTylerDurden1241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

I think some people are overlooking the fact that H1Z1 just arrived on PS4. For those who are big Battle Royale fans, H1Z1 popularized the genre before Pugb or Fortnite. The mastermind behind Pugb actually crafted H1Z1: King of the Kill.


And PUBG is a far better balanced game... Ask any PC BR gamer who has played both

iDadio240d ago

It is, I’m lucky enough to be a pc player by trade so spoilt for choice in this genre. I have tried H1z1 a few times in its early days and credit where it’s due for growing the genre but pubg surpasses it in every single regard. I’d still say to anyone on PS4 who doesn’t like fortnite to give it a go at least until pubg launches in the system.

showtimefolks240d ago

PUBG is more balanced but FN is a better game

gamer9240d ago

Lol @ disagrees, how can PUBG NOT be better, it's literally an evolution of the genre, learning from past mistakes and making it better. It's also played and streamed a lot more. This site is hilarious

@Showtime folks - fortnite is a blast, but you gotta try H1Z1 because vehicles are insanely fun in the BR genre

showtimefolks240d ago


Thank you I will

I played FN for few hours than I was done I got so many games that I have yet to touch

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XisThatKid240d ago

And both games are different and tailored to their console ports so I don't think I'll be asking anyone anything

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GottaBjimmyb240d ago

This article is a joke H1Z1 is one of the most broken glitch-filled games I have ever seen. Literally watched shroud play 6 games, every one he died from a glitch or hacker....

Lokii240d ago

You sure that you weren't watching state of decay 2?

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PFFT240d ago

Actually no. State of Decay 2 looks and runs better than this poor excuse of a video game. But nice try though.

IamTylerDurden1241d ago

I'm not surprised H1Z1 arrived on PS4 in a better state than Pugb on X1. Pugb was a mess on X1, it clearly wasn't ready, but they valued money over quality.

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gamer9240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

But wasn't PUBG a mess on PC? Isn't it still? I don't see how MS/xbox would get any blame for this. From what i'm reading it's the gaming engine / way it was built, that is at fault.

iDadio240d ago

Oh boy if only you could of tried pubg on it’s pc release, that was one buggy mess. But credit where it’s due the updates and improvements have been consistent and pretty swift.

Razmiran240d ago

It was a mess, yes
But the console version was launched 9 months later, performance and bugs should have been worked on instead of going "Whoops!"

gamer9240d ago

But if they can't nail something like solid framerate down on a beast gaming PC then how do you expect it to be smooth on xbox? The game is just not built very well is what i'm getting at.. nothing really to do with xbox. None of which has stopped me from having the most fun i've had online in many many years

Cueil240d ago

I was unaware that PUBG was released on Xbox. I'm pretty sure it is still in preview program.

Septic241d ago

Yeah except no-one really gives a shit about H1Z1 anymore, especially comparatively.

gamer9240d ago

Well if all you have is cartoony Fortnite then it might be nice to have semi-cartoony H1Z1. Not everyone can have the real thing you know

ocelot07240d ago

Agreed I need the real thing on PS4......Ark Survival Of The Fittest that was great fun on PC.

KickSpinFilter240d ago

Ya just like no one gives a shit about Fortnite when that launched.
Always check your rear-view mirror.

OffRoadKing240d ago

Yeah cause you speak for everyone, right?

KickSpinFilter240d ago

The majority did not care about Fortnite, now with the updates it's the Second coming of C. And now a majority play it how am I wrong please tell?

KickSpinFilter238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

my bad, the posing is just awful on this site.

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OpenGL240d ago

I was under the impression that no one outside of China cares about PUBG anymore with the rise of Fortnite.

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deckardreplicant240d ago

my dude every one of your comment get massive dislikes lol

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TheGamez100241d ago

Just played the game and man does it run good...mostly. But hey its a BR on console at 60fps. Havent gotten to big fights yet so not sure if the framerate would be bad there. Some controls are kinda clunky tho like parachuting in and some ADS for some wpns.

Rude-ro240d ago

It is a free beta...
But sounds like it is at least in a better state.