Sony Focusing On PSN & PS4 Games Until 2021

PS4 software and services will be the drivers, not hardware sales.

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TheKingKratos242d ago

Now that's more like it
I feel this gen is just getting started.

lxeasy242d ago

We are def in the mid point of this gen not the beginning. The exciting thing about being in the mid gen though is that Now that developers know the consoles extremely well I think the exclusives on all front we'll continue to get better. Can't wait for E3!

242d ago
Kokyu242d ago

Um no even the head of Sony understand the ps4 is in its final phase.

Skull521242d ago

Took me 12+ hours to download God of War the other day, please, improve PSN it is massively behind Xbox Live as a service.

Kosic242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Tbh I can't think what it'll be like at the end of this gen. The last of us pushed the PS3 hardware. Wonder what we will see at the end of the ps4.

Gaming_1st242d ago (Edited 242d ago )


Must be your internet. I downloaded GOW in less then 40 minutes. Nothing new for you to be trolling PS articles.

242d ago
Skull521242d ago

I have a 250mb connection. Both my PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are wired and PSN always downloads at a snails pace compared to Live. There are no exceptions, it is a PSN issue.

S2Killinit242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Well then you are the only one who has that “PSN problem”.

DarXyde242d ago


I have serious doubts about the authenticity of your claims. I downloaded GTA V in less than half that time ages ago and is comparably sized (bigger, actually).

hulk_bash1987242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Seeing as how Sony themselves have said the PS4 is entering its "final phase", I'd say it's past the midpoint. But holy cow what a final phase it will be. Spiderman in September and Days Gone and TLOU2 next year. Plus any unannounced games for E3 & Gamescom.

RpgSama242d ago


"I have a 250mb connection. Both my PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are wired and PSN always downloads at a snails pace compared to Live. There are no exceptions, it is a PSN issue."

Yes, because You = The World, stop Trolling, is just sad and pathetic

Skull521242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Since I won't be playing for a while I'm going to go delete the game and restart the download, stand by for a screenshot, you Sony fanboys are pathetic.

Here you go. If you Sony fanboys are satisfied by the performance of PSN then more power to you. I would prefer a massive improvement because Live does not do this to me. Leave it to Sony fanboys to attack you for asking for better PSN performance.

indysurfn242d ago

This article quotes industrybiz interview at this site: https://www.gamesindustry.b...

Here is the main quote:"Sony's management has told investors that it is now entering the final phase of the PlayStation 4's life-cycle, with the company as a whole primed to focus on expansion of the PlayStation Network."
Okay for network support I want SOCUM NEXT!!! Most of all I want ARC THE LAD! Pretty please?

AspiringProGenji242d ago

You made yor point @skull. XBL is better than PSN. Happy now?

Now, either upgrade your Internet or atpor lying. It shouldn’t take that long to download God of War

ConsoleGamer242d ago (Edited 242d ago )


Let it be. (Based on how you act on here)Everybody knows you either could be downloading a sh!t ton of other stuff on other devices just to proof your point and slow down the displayed download speed or if you are for real you have to contact your internet provider or take a look an your rooter settings(port forwarding etc). I'm still on a 25mbs and it doesn't even take that long for me to download a full game.

Teflon02242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

I'm not doubting that you personally have that issue but you have a 250 down connection? I have a 300 down and I can assure you that games don't take more than 20 mins max and I recently redownloaded a bunch of titles. I downloaded legit about 500GB worth of games and by the time I went through my list of downloads a bunch was done and in maybe 2ish hours, could be 3 or slightly over if I was really zoned out. But I went on my pc put my ps4 on sleep and came back hours later to non stop notifications and when they were all done. I checked to see what was left? nothing. Does it actually download at 300 nope. Is it consistent? Mostly, but at random times it'll say it will take 7 hours and takes less than 20.
You or your provider is the issue. Some providers here in Canada give issues on consoles based on security. Like Nat types etc.

rainslacker242d ago


May want to look up how to speed up downloads through your router by setting up ports and what not.

It isn't Sony, as their network is plenty fast, particularly for software downloads. However, sometimes default settings on routers or firewalls can slow things down.

Also, the first 35MB of a download is going to show up slower if your settings are wrong in the router due to extra authentication being done through the PS4 and the internet to verify CRC check sums.

The information should be easy enough to find on Google. If there is still a problem after that, contact your ISP, because they're throttling downloads, or there's some problem between you and Sony's network....because again, most people I've seen don't have issues with download speeds from PSN.

Obviously you can concede that if many others say they don't have slow downloads, that the problem may be on your end instead.....right?

DialgaMarine242d ago

@Skull *cough* BULLSHIT! *cough cough*

darthv72242d ago

@skull, I don't think you are trolling but i do think you have an issue with your router. The xbo may seem faster because of how it interacts with your router, without needing any special changes unlike the PS4. I'd bet if you google it you would find there are some easy tips to improve download speeds for your setup.

Brave_Losers_Unite242d ago

I feel you skull.. When I tried downloading Halo 5 it took me 3 years to download! I downloaded 1TB worth of games on my PS4 in 2 seconds!!

DarXyde242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

This is just sad.

Skull, where's the proof of your internet speed? What else is burdening your internet? Is your PlayStation *really* wired? That early into the download, the estimated download time is still correcting itself.

I think a number of us are better at being objective than you so pardon us for approaching this with healthy skepticism. I would say Live was a good deal faster before. Now, I don't see it as any extreme difference. You have to admit, you're not exactly known for being unbiased.

Nevertheless, it's interesting that those disagreeing with you are just Sony fanboys. 😂

Skull521242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Here ya go bud here is my speedtest

I know you'll claim it isn't real or something else but whatever.

badz149242d ago


WTF? I am using a 30Mbps connection (10Mbps upload) btw and I have never got to wait THAT long for any game EVER! the last one I downloaded was Mankind Divided (~42GB) and it took less than 4 hours

TheKingKratos242d ago

Now more than ever i'm sure that ps5 won't come out till 2021 :

Final stage=3 years

Edito242d ago


My friend I can tell for sure that the problem is with your connection or something is eating up your bandwidth because i'm in Mozambique, a third world country and I have a connection with less than 50mb to be precise it's 20mb, I went to job at 8AM and went back at 5PM and the download was done.

How come you have a 250mb download speed and it took 12h+ to download?


Dragonscale242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

@skull, maybe you should contact your bb provider, Sony can't legislate for crappy internet lol. If its really that bad you could've bought it on disk fgs.

bluefox755242d ago

@Skull521 Whether or not you are being honest is irrelevant. The point is, you're apparently the only one with this problem. All my downloads are just as fast as they'd be on my PC, and I'm connected wirelessly.

Rippcity242d ago

@Skull I had the same issue with my ps4. For some reason downloads were taking exceedingly long for no reason but there are some workarounds I found online. I don't remember the specifics but I was able to manually configure some network settings to get it to download at decent speeds. Had to stop and start my connection a few times while it happened though. It's a weird issue but it stopped happening after I upgraded to the pro. Might be an issue with your PS4 rather than psn.

Rhythmattic242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Skull 521
I don't even need to read though your comments to know where you stand....
I mean, really? Even a 5 yr old would of considered changing their banner on there account.
And , FWIW, NAT2 on the PS is what your looking for...Just work out what the PS IP address is set at on your router and set the ip for your virtual PS . ;)

Realms241d ago

@ Skull521

LOL. Getting roasted for your miserable attempt at trolling your bad internet connection doesn't equal the PSN being bad and Live being better.

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FITgamer242d ago

I wouldn't mind a 2021 release, but TBH I'd prefer a 2020 release. 7 years is more than long enough.

edeprez242d ago

PSN download speeds are excellent, i get every bit of my 100Mb connection. What you need to do is close all other apps and games. The system reserves about 80-90% of the bandwidth for those active applications. If that doesn't work check your internet. Rest mode accomplishes the same thing.


Me too, I just bought a Pro last year since I skipped the PS4 on day one and bought an X1 instead so Im glad that they are focusing more on games right now since that is really why I bought one, the amazing exclusives!

DarXyde242d ago

Doesn't mean PS5 won't release in the interim. Sony is pretty great about supporting their consoles after a new console launches. 2021 puts PS4 at 8 years. I do wonder what the software and service emphasis will change. Nothing but more games, hopefully. If there's another PSN price hike, I'd have to call foul.

jc12242d ago

This gen is just getting started? What? Its 6 years old...

darthv72242d ago

It is not quite 5 years as of yet. Come November it will be 5 years

edeprez242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Unleash the games!

SenorFartCushion242d ago

I don't get it... Solely psn and ps4 or are ps5 games being made, too? Because they will have to be despite a new console cycle.

V10Elit3x242d ago

@Skull. For me its other way around. I dont get my full speed download at Xbox Live. But on PSN I get 160mbit down and 275mbit up

trooper_242d ago

@Skull: I have to use wifi temporally but even the downloads for me were fast.

hashtag: it's your connection or you're trolling.

Stanjara242d ago

Yes, because all these games are coming out from a 3-5 year development. Oh and btw, they are all quality titles.

TheKingKratos242d ago

Yes i agree
All games are taking way too long to launch unlike last gen where a developer released 3/5 games
Now most developers didn't even launch one game yet.

Bleucrunch242d ago

@Skull521 If what you say is true, then go to your ISP and replace the modem, router or both (I hate those combo devices, the router and modem should always be separate devices) that they give you, better yet purchase your own modem and router and connect those items to your ISP and I am confident that you will have better success with your connection.

Most ISP allow customers to purchase approved devices to connect to their network. This, I believe will fix your downloading issues because 250mb with slow speeds is UNACCEPTABLE....IF that is what you claim.

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Obscure_Observer242d ago


*PS4 software and services will be the drivers, not hardware sales.*

"Good to hear."

So Sony finally go full on Microsoft Mode and you say Good to hear? WTF?

Outside_ofthe_Box242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

What do you mean by going " Full MS mode"?

All they are saying is that they expect hardware sales to decline for the remaining of the gen, so games and services will be their main driver of revenue instead of hardware sales for the remainder of the PS4's life cycle.

EDIT: " NOT hardware sales"

Again you're not understanding what is being said here. When they say "not hardware sales" they are talking about in regards to bringing in the most cash. This is because they expect hardware sales to decline from here on out.

generic-user-name242d ago

PS4 software means PS4 games. Nothing MS about that.

Obscure_Observer242d ago


"What do you mean by going " Full MS mode"?"

PS4 software and services will be the drivers, NOT hardware sales

This is Microsoft MO which UCForce is so critical and vocal about.

edeprez242d ago

No they're counting on their games and plus subs to carry them as the system sales wind down. What does this have to do with Microsoft?

Obscure_Observer242d ago


From the article:

"Interestingly, Kodera’s presentation ended mentioning that in the era of the original PlayStation, the company aimed to sell millions of units, now they aim to engage millions of monthly active users."

MAUs! Microsoft´s metrics to measure success for their investors! Kodera is following the same patch!

gangsta_red242d ago (Edited 242d ago )


Exactly, this has been talked about before with all major companies including MS. Services, DAU/MAU are what these media giants are looking for now, hardware is nice but it's an afterthought or used for fanboy wars.

"This is because they expect hardware sales to decline from here on out."

Which is why they are now focusing (or have been) on services. Which is pretty much what others have been saying and doing, drawing a lot of pitch forks and torches from certain folks on the web.

mkis007242d ago

Which is softwares sales included. You seem to like leaving things out to make your points.

Outside_ofthe_Box242d ago

@Obscure_Observer and gangsta_red

Still haven't found where they are saying they are focusing on services in the way you guys are implying that they are. . .

All I've gathered is that what will make up the main bulk of their set-goal in revenue will be games and services as a result of hardware sales declining late in the PS4 life cycle. . . I don't see "focus on services" anywhere

gangsta_red242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

"in the way you guys are implying that they are. . . "

That's strange because I haven't found anywhere that says otherwise in the way that you're implying...

Here's more from another article with a little bit more information


"At the end of his presentation, Kodera noted that Sony's perspective on the games business has shifted, from emphasis on selling millions of units to an emphasis on engaging millions of MAUs."

You can bet from here on out that Sony will focus on services that engage their users more to try and grow their MAU in the same way MS, Google, Netflix and other have for their own services.

Outside_ofthe_Box242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

"That's strange because I haven't found anywhere that says otherwise in the way that you're implying..."

I'm not implying anything. . .

I'm stating exactly what is stated in the article. . .

EDIT: "You can bet from here on out that Sony will focus on services that engage their users more to try and grow their MAU in the same way MS, Google, Netflix and other have for their own services"

1. Growing MAU includes games which I've said from the beginning: 'games and services'
No indication that services will be the sole/only or main focus

2. This isn't even what Obscure_Observer initially pointed out anyway. He was talking about hardware sales taking backseat as if Sony wasn't talking from a purely revenue perspective due to the point in time of the PS4's life cycle. You can bet Sony wants to sell as many PS5s as possible when it launches.

AspiringProGenji242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Two more xbox fanboys twisting things to their favor LOL! You took that way out of the context in which Kodera said that. MS has been using MAUs and shit since forever to to declare success while hiding sales for obvious reasons. Sony in the other hand is still selling hardware by providing softwate and not all Gass unlike MS. God of War alone sold anlot of hardware

Now they will be focusing more on engagement as hardware sells decline in the end of the generation. There’s nothing MS about that. Sony knows to get more people engaged and buying Ps4 they need to keep providing quality exclusives, not just Gass and low budget games

gangsta_red242d ago

"I'm not implying anything. . . "

And I'm not either, I'm talking about exactly what was from the article and the article it draws from.

"No indication that services will be the sole/only or main focus"

And no one said that services would be the sole and only focus which IS what you were implying. Of course Sony would also have games, I think that goes without saying. But as I mentioned they will put a focus on MAU because that is where most of the revenue is coming from.

"This isn't even what Obscure_Observer initially pointed out anyway."

I personally did not see it that way as he was also referring to what was said in the article. I think there was a lot of implying going on from all ends.

"Two more xbox fanboys twisting things to their favor LOL! "

And now it's time to address...The Triggering!!

"You took that way out of the context in which Kodera said that."

That would be a negative sir.

"MS has been using MAUs and shit since forever to to declare success while hiding sales for obvious reasons."

Something that Sony will focus on more with declining hardware sales. So, MS made a business move to focus on MAU that proves just as or even more successful than hardware sales that decline over time.

"Sony in the other hand is still selling hardware by providing softwate and not all Gass unlike MS."

GaaS? Which games are GaaS? SoT seems to be the only game that falls under GaaS. But I like how all of a sudden Xbox went from no games to a bunch of games that are GaaS.

"God of War alone sold anlot of hardware"

Awesome, now Kodera is going focus on MAU too. And who knows...maybe to get these MAU up more Sony may go the GaaS route since Kodera is a network guy and did say in the past that they would be looking into it. Then it'll be interesting to see what you say about Xbox fanboys twisting words to our favor.

UCForce242d ago

PS4 is entering in the final phase and they did said that they still continues support PS4 games until 2021. I do think hardware is important as software. So I do believe they are focusing on PS5.

DialgaMarine242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Do you understand what that statement means? It means Sony is aware that new sales of PS4 hardware will be on the decline, so they will be making less money on that front. The majority of system profits from here on out will be through software and service sales to people who already own system/ will be buying it in the near future. It’s got nothing to do with eliminating hardware/ and going “full MS” as you suggested.

trooper_242d ago (Edited 242d ago )


When did Sony say they won't make games anymore?

ImGumbyDammit242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

I will look for the exact quote from an interview with the CFO Yoshida in a financial magazine about Sony focusing on selling services now (well actually the article was late 2017).

But here is something about how like Sony is transitioning to selling services for users over (keeping them involved by selling PSPlus, digital content, MT's and streaming options - PSVue, PSMusic, PSNow, etc..h).

It appeared on DualShock October 2017:

Title: Sony Talks Shift From Hardware to Monthly Active Users; Plans to Explore Microtransactions

Sony Executives talk about the shift of the business model from hardware units to monthly active users and the possible exploration of microtransactions.

During the Sony Corporation’s quarterly financial conference call for investors and analysts, the company’s executives have talked more about the plans for the PlayStation business.

First of all Finance and Corporate Development Executive Atsuko Murakami talked about PlayStation Plus. She mentioned that the company would like to make the service more attractive for existing members to keep user retention rate high. While it’s not easy to retain users for a long time, Sony has been implementing measure to achieve that goal.

Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida mentioned that more than half of the sales for the Game and Network Services sales in the current fiscal year will be coming from the network.

There are mitigating factors to the effect of the console cycle on revenue: the business model used to be a business-to-business royalty-based model, but now it has shifted to direct sales to consumers. Hardware sales are still important, but the number of monthly active users is getting more relevant, alongside PlayStation Plus subscribers and how much time they spend on Sony’s services and consoles.

Therefore, according to Yoshida-san, the axis is shifting from hardware to user base.
On top of that, after the purchase of a game, users can purchase items or content within the game itself, and the proportion of those sales is increasing.

Overeact much!!???
"There’s nothing MS about that. Sony knows to get more people engaged and buying Ps4 they need to keep providing quality exclusives, not just Gass and low budget games"

Sony's own CFO mentioned the transition to services was tantamount to increasing or retaining revenue going forward. He said this last year. He mentioned this when hardware revenues declined (not sales but revenue because they had done a price drop and weren't making as much of each unit) and services and software were not able to make up the difference. It was the first decline from the previous quarter SIE had since the PS4 release. Yoshida responded that they were directing resources towards expanding services to increase revenue in the coming year.

Sevir242d ago

It means they are at Market Saturation... The PS4 is now at 70+ million units. Hardware sales will likely start to decline because it's now moving to a market level where revenue will start to generate more from it's software offerings... This has alot to do with the fact that consoles in this generation NEVER drop below sub $100/$200... This was partly why the Wii, PS1 and PS2 we're able to cross the 100 million mark... Cheap semiconductor chip being produced and smaller form factors.

Those days aren't happening anymore, when your consoles launch at $400-$500, and newer slimmer form factors or revisions and chip cost decline only bring the machines down to $250-$299.

So shifting to advertising all the exclusive games launching at retail and digital will means they'll be spending more money advertising killer software and services the PS4 is known for.

It's a practice they've done last generation as well. Once they accepted that the PS3 wouldn't cross the 100 million mark, they started pumping out more exclusives... I mean look, GoW Ascension, Last of Us, and Gran Turismo 6 all released in the final years of PS3 and the PS4 was announced

OffRoadKing242d ago

The difference here is that Sony has compelling, high scoring, must own exclusives to go with those services. I realize you're trying to pick a fight with UCForce but you swung and missed.

AmUnRa241d ago

"so Sony finally go full on Microsoft Mode....."

What??? based on what? software are games in my eyes and Sony has alot of Excl. Games coming out the next 2 years so "microsoft mode" is based on nothing and is B*S.

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Relientk77242d ago

Sounds good, bring on the games

Thatguy-310242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

I think things are clearly pointing out for a 2020 PS5 launch year. Seeing how a lot of their dev teams are huge in the amount of ppl I can see them clearly push out smaller titles while the core team works on the huge ones for the sp5.

darthv72242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

2020 marks two significant points in PS history. The 25th anniversary of the PS1 and the 20th anniversary of the PS2. Sony would likely want to make that the PS5 release year as well and have a special tie in with the two anniversaries.

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