PS5 Won't Release Before Fall 2020 According to NPD Analyst's Prediction

NPD Analyst Mat Piscatella expects Sony's PlayStation 5 to come at the end of 2020, while incremental upgrades might accelerate with the next-generation.

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Nyxus150d ago

Very true. I'm not a big fan of those incremental updates though.

Abriael150d ago

Same here. I certainly hope we don't get more than one a generation. I've got enough to upgrade with my PC.

darthv72150d ago

I don't know how much truth there is to this....

Nyxus150d ago

@ darth: they said the console is entering its final phase. Which everyone could have guessed. That doesn't mean it still hasn't got a few years to go.

Abriael150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

darthv72: That's incorrect from a second-hand source google translated from Japanese. Really shouldn't base your perception on that kind of stuff. I listened to the conference and saw the slides (even wrote an article about it). It just means that it's entering the final phase of its life cycle, not that it's NOW at the end of its life.

In fact, during the presentation, they said clearly that PS4 will be the core of the PlayStation Business until the end of the fiscal year 2020 (which is March 31st, 2021).

darthv72150d ago

Thanks Nyxus and Abriael, just wasnt sure what to make of it.

150d ago
Eonjay150d ago

Reading between the lines they said that both software is its focus now not hardware. They also said that PS4 will be the driver of business until effectively 4/1/2021. If hardware is no longer the driver for them and they consider the software sales of the PS4 to be the driver, how long would it take for a BC PS5 to overtake PS4 sales? If BC is to be a thing for PS5, what is to stop them from selling games to the whats sure to be 100+ million users? Logically, what is the point of not providing software for such a huge base?

Even if they do continue to directly support the PS4 after the PS5 releases (of course they will) just think about how awesome this gen has been for PS4 so far. The end game best of catalog for PS4 will be epic.

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SenorFartCushion150d ago

Everyone who bought a Pro got scammed.

mkis007150d ago

Thats like saying everyone who buys a smartphone gets scammed...As long as it continues to work its not a scam.

SenorFartCushion149d ago

Spending $400 on a machine with barely any new features only to find out that the new ps5 console will be coming around fall 2019 lol


mkis007149d ago

Again smartphones every year with barely any new features. You don't have to buy them.

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-Foxtrot150d ago

2020 is probably a safe bet and I think they'll repeat how they announced the PS4

Revealed at the PlayStation Meeting 2020 - February
Console shown off at E3 2020 - June
Released at end of 2020 - November

Septic150d ago

2020 is a reasonable date. I think 2021 would be better cause the PS4 has life in it still. But release at the end of 2020 seems legit and most likely

SenorFartCushion150d ago

Nov 2019.

They can have the three remaining games out by then and finish with The Last of Us prt 2

darthv72150d ago

I feel they will want to release it somewhere around the 25th anniversary of the PS1. Since the PS1 released in JP late 94 then it would be 2019. The rest of the world got it in 95 so if they go that route instead... 2020. Plus 2020 also marks the 20th anniversary of the PS2 so they really could go either way.

Geobros150d ago

With the early Switch success, I think ti will release end of 2019.

Abriael150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

The Switch won't even come close to compete with the PS4's worldwide numbers before 2020. The only way it'll ever get close is when the PS4 will literally stop selling. There's no reason for Sony to hurry and reset its installed base advantage to zero.

Geobros150d ago

I don't compare total sales, no interest to do this. But, if Switch has better sales at the moment or the next months, the devs will have to make their games on Switch as best seller. Sony will have to react after that. The Japanese market image will arrive worldwide soon I suppose.

Nyxus150d ago

@ Geobros: I don't understand the logic. As longs as the PS4 has by far the biggest user base, won't it always be an appealing platform for publishers?

Abriael150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

@Geobros: I'm not sure where you'd get that conclusion. Most games sell better on the console with the largest installed base, and the PS4's installed base advantage is absolutely overwhelming. We're not even in a similar order of magnitude.

As a matter of fact, Sony hurrying to the next generation would gift Nintendo the installed base advantage.

showtimefolks150d ago

Do you know business 101? Few months of switch selling won't have no affect on ps4 when 2 of the biggest titles

RDR2 and Spiderman aren't coming to switch. Ps4 is on a different level right now. It's competeing against ps2's legacy

Switch is a console of ports right now. Games which we played months if not years ago are being released on switch for full price again

And let's not forget the great success of wiiu

BlaqMagiq1150d ago

With the huge gap the PS4 has over the Switch, it's not going to force them to release their new console early. The PS4 is still the best selling platform worldwide.

The_Sage150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

That's some kooky logic, Geobros. No matter how well the Switch is selling at the moment, there are FAR more PS4s in homes. PlayStation is the most important console for developers, and will be for quiet some time.

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DialgaMarine150d ago

Seems likely. There’s a lot Sony can do to celebrate PS’s 25th anniversary next year. Announcing new hardware doesn’t need to be one of them.

Gamist2dot0150d ago

Yup, predicting that as well. 2019 is a bit too soon, imo.

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