PS4 Zombie Game Days Gone Has An Impressive Open World, But Could Use More Original Ideas | GameSpot

The open world PS4 exclusive zombie-survival game has a large world to explore and scavenge, but could use some more original ideas.

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Chaosdreams147d ago

I'm seeing a lot of articles seemingly placing a cloud on Bend Studios title, stating it needs to find its "identity."

Motorcycle + swarms of zombies that make my heart leap in my chest, kind of sets a great foundation. If Days Gone has a solid plot then this game will be one to remember.

OB1Biker147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Wow its awesome, I love what I see.
Its probably not for everyone and I can understand it. Probably why I like it so much too haha

darthv72147d ago

Well it is different than cars + swarms of zombies which is what Dead Rising 3 has. And the DG zombies are much quicker too so it makes the sense of survival more intense.

InKnight7s146d ago

Well mechanics and gameplay of Dead Rising are so stiff and clunky, I mean it so limited. from Days Gone videos it seems that the gameplay will be smooth and responsive.

AspiringProGenji147d ago

People won’t know its true identity until they play the game themselves. Any game could use original ideas but when they don’t it’s all about how eveything in the game comes together. So there’s still hop DG will be a great game regardless of originality. Let’s hope the story and the open world is good. At least the open world seems to be so far

ArchangelMike147d ago

I really don't get the "it has to find it's own identity" thing. To me this is a contrived statement that journalist are deciding to run with, while being unfairly disingenuous and cynical.

The things that already set the game apart for me, or at least why I'm interested :-

-The zombie horde (yes they are zombies) can we have 1000 'freaker' horde?
-Dynamic enemy encounters and interactions between each other
-Dynamic weather that affects gameplay and enemy behavior
-The cast of 30+ characters relationships that you can effect their level of trust based on your decisions/actions
-The upgradeable bike that needs fuel, maintenance and repair if damaged
-The fact that there is no difficulty setting, and the game is designed to be challenging
-I'm genuinely interested in finding out the story as well, especially if our decisions change the outcome.

So yeah, for me it already sets itself apart.

TFJWM146d ago

I agree with everything cept the zombie part. Zombies are dead people/animals that get reanimated, I assume this is not the case since they go out of their way to call them freakers. Either way Day 1 for me

-Foxtrot146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

I think criticism is criticism but I do thing it's taking things a little too far

How many Zombie games do we have? No one bats an eyelid as long as they are decent. How many of them feature a decent number of Zombie like enemies on screen where they feel like a proper threatening horde? Hardly none I've came across, usually it's the same old enemies scattered around in a handful of groups. Only time I've seen a number of Zombies where they can really overwhelm you was in L4D where they'd keep coming...10 years on this looks like some World War Z shit. Not to mention Biker gangs which themes haven't really been touched on within a AAA video game.

Not to shit on it but look at Rage 2 that's been announce, I'm excited for it don't get me wrong especially since it looks better then the first but at it's core that game looks similar as other games. Post apocalyptic world, mutated and raider like gangs, FPS over the top gameplay, open world with vehicles like Mad Max or on. That's just one example, for another you could look at TellTale games with its same old point and click gameplay using a popular licensed franchise with an already established cult following on a 10 year old engine, no one bats an eyelid, praise and good marks all round

I could go on. Technical problems, fair enough although it's only an Alpha build, but to go on the attack and downplay it for not being original? Come on. We pick and choose suddenly when we want to bring that up.

Oh and to point out another example...Call of Duty 11 now with a Battle Royale mode....HYPE /s

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submarinna147d ago

looks like a great game in the making

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jokerisalive146d ago

It looks very original to me and I like what I see.

nucky64146d ago

i think so - i've never seen a game with a horde chasing after you like in this game. i can't wait to play!

S2Killinit146d ago

The gameplay mechanics themselves are pretty original thought. Has there been any games like this before?

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ludicrous146d ago

You can try to Left for Dead 1 & 2.

shaggy2303146d ago (Edited 146d ago )


I assume your being sarcastic when you say the gameplay mechanics themselves are pretty original.

If you're not though, wow, erm ever heard of games like:

State of Decay 1 & 2
Left 4 Dead 1 & 2
Dead Rising Series
Dying Light

Seriously zombie games with hordes are pretty much "ten a penny" these days.

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