Girls in Gaming Summit Reinforces Why We Need More Women in Gaming

COGconnected: As the second of four events this year in the "Be Valiant" series, the Girls in Gaming Summit held in Los Angeles this past weekend was nothing short of an empowering and inclusive meet up that hosted just a few of the amazing women that have become gaming leaders.

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Prettygoodgamer145d ago

We don't "need" more woman as much as we don't "need" more men, anyone that can design amazing games is what we need no matter what gender they are.

Tankbusta40145d ago

This is so insensitive....What about the Non Binary Gender Neutral crowd? You need to go to sensitivity training BRAH!

Bobafret145d ago

Seriously, what are they going to do, run around forcing women into a gaming career? Either they are interested or they are not. This is such a waste of energy.

Kokyu145d ago

How about we let women come into gaming organically and not force the bullshit on them. Diversity for the sake of diversity isnt diversity its tokenism and until people learn that thats all we will get tokenism.

Tankbusta40145d ago

Well given all this pansexual Lando talk...NEXT WEEK WE NEED MORE PANSEXUALS IN GAMING!

Smokehouse145d ago

Less women are drawn to the sciences. For whatever reason, I don’t know. Nobody is stopping them. Seems like a lack of interest to me. We need to force women into this, why? I have seen many female producers and concept artists, etc. Women are generally just more artsy and lean towards the social sciences. I have no problem with outreach and trying to attract more women to these fields. As long as it’s not through blaming some imaginary oppression or some other ignorant excuse. Stop making excuses and promote away. Try to change the lack of interest without stepping on others.

ShockUltraslash145d ago

Yes we need more women.
Please support Summer Lesson VR so that it can release in the west.

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