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While Days Gone manages to craft an exciting open world, the story, characters and setting present some major concerns before release, luckily the emergent gameplay more then makes up for these shortcomings, at least in the demo CGMagazine played pre-E3.

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UCForce241d ago

Some others preview said the same thing with this game and they do have mix positive impressions and much better than EuroGamers preview, but they also said the game need to find its own identity. This is something that I do believe Bend Studio will find a way.

ArchangelMike241d ago

The game already has it's own identity, but journalist just want to focus on the mechanics that exist in other games, (and which will exist in many many more games to come) - but because Days Gone does crafting, it is trying to be TLOU; or because it is open World with objectives - it is trying to be Far Cry; or because it has zombies it is trying to be Dying Light. Whatever man.

We heard the same thing with God of War, that it's trying to be TLOU, and it's trying to be Dark Souls, and everyone was concerned about the axe, and how it was no longer God of war, but was one big escort mission etc etc. But see how that turned out.

We know very little about the story of Days Gone, and Sony Bend have confirmed that there will be over 20 different character with the same level of interactivity as with Deacons friend Boozer. They also said they will be telling the story of Deacons wife Sarah(?). So there is still a lot of the story to come, as well as the fact that your dialogue options can change the story.

So yeah, it depends on what the journalists choose to focus on when they report the story.

nucky64241d ago

i'm wondering how anyone could tell how good the story will (or won't) be based on a short demo of the game?

OffRoadKing241d ago

They cant, but you know clicks and stuff.

bfrye26241d ago

From what we saw you can get a quick take on the story, also can get a taste who the characters are. Yes, in a short demo it is hard to nail down the story (I outlined this) but at least from first impressions I was not impressed!