Sony Is Working On AMD Ryzen LLVM Compiler Improvements - Possibly For The PlayStation 5

Sony's Simon Pilgrim has been recently investing time in the "znver1" AMD first-generation Zen CPU support within LLVM. Simon has been a programmer for Sony for the past decade.

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naruga151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Sony Interactive CEO president said it officially in an economic conference that PS4 is starting its final cycle ...PS5 is indeed on the horizon

Shiken150d ago

PS5 will be announced at E3 2019, shown off at E3 2020, and released holiday 2020.

I do not see them releasing it without the pro having a solid 3 years on the market, especially since the PS4 is still selling like a beast.

This will also allow for a cheaper price point. Yes it had begun, but there is still a bit morw time before it gets here. In any case, Sony has given us a lot to look forward to.

UltraNova151d ago

Lets hope Sony goes all in with the ps5

Sitdown151d ago

Have they ever not gone all in on a console?


The Pro... Well to me that was not "All in" and more of, hey we made another PS4 but stacked the GPU and slightly overclocked the CPU and here ya go lol. Im not complaining since that is the PS4 I own, but I hope the PS5 is a 6-8tflop GPU, 8 core 3.0ghz+ and 16gb of RAM (8gb DDR4 and 8gb GDDR5)

showtimefolks151d ago


That was smart by Sony they were able to release the pro a year early and capatilize on the market because of that ms can't release Xbox 2 alongside ps5

Xbox x just came out so the earliest we can see next Xbox is 2020 or more than likely 2021 while Ps5 may come in 2019and have the whole next generation market to itself

If you don't think that's important look at Xbox 360. Being first in the market means publishers will ignore your install base which will be double compared to Xbox 2 by the time it comes out

AmstradAmiga151d ago

In terms of hardware I'd say that the PS4 was quite restrained when compared to release models of all previous PlayStations. If MS had not gimped the XB1 with Kinect and released a GPU on par with the PS4 then things might be different today.

The Cell CPU is still better than the mobile CPU used in both the PS and XB.

Muzikguy151d ago


I’d say they have gimped consoles but that’s because it took 4 systems until we weren’t having consoles lacking RAM.


MS wouldn’t have had a better console without Kinect. They were basing their future on the clouds


@ Amstrad The X1 was more on Par with PS4 before they unveiled it, Don't you remember how shocked everyone was when Sony announced 8gb of GDDR5? The original was supposed to be 4gb GDDR5 which is why it was a big deal when they changed it. X1 was originally supposed to use 8gb of DDR4 instead of DDR3 but they could not get there hands on the chip set to line up with production. its all russian roulette and I liked the idea of Kinect, even when it was for just using it for commands or me walking in the room saying Xbox on, or me using it as my Twitch cam. Sucks they disabled almost every feature and straight killed it on X by not even providing a port for it :/

Jamaicangmr150d ago

$400 is the sweet spot, Lets not become overly ambitious and end up killing our dreams. We may end up with a super powerful console that they can't afford to sell at a mass market price.

WeAreLegion150d ago

Let's not forget. Sony went all in and then some on the PS3.

Edito150d ago

If your talking about hardware I hope they go all in at a price that can be afforded...

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bluefox755151d ago

I read that in Shang Tsung's voice, lol.

Lighter9151d ago

Sony to MS: Your soul is mine.

subtenko150d ago

Havent they had enough yall? Right now Xbox is the little npc guy you done dragged in teh roller coaster tycoon 1x1 square hole, and the NPC dug it for you!


Finally! We need better CPU's in these consoles, 4k and HDR is nice but man, I want 60 fps too and we can't get that without a decent CPU in most open world games

ScootaKuH150d ago

Shang Tsung? Is that you?

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inxine151d ago

i generally have no clue about processors etc. but thats a gd thing.. right? for us i mean

UltraNova151d ago

Ryzen is leaps and bounds ahead of the Jaguar tech we have in the ps4. I can assure you of that.

Veneno151d ago

Ryzen tech is what gaming PCs are using now.

ImGumbyDammit151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Good but, not unexpected.

It would have been a shocker if an APU for any console arriving in next few years was not based on AMD's Ryzen CPU

Prettygoodgamer150d ago

With a ryzen cpu open world games would run much better, higher fps all around as well, it's very good news.

Ju150d ago

It's good news. What's surprise though is, that it isn't Ryzen2. Ryzen2 is potentially available now, while Ryzen2 is a 2019 target (at least)

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ILostMyMind151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Nice, but there is no news. Everyone already knew that the new consoles would use Ryzen. What we do not know is which Ryzen generation will be used.

xenz151d ago

I believe it will be custom made. Probably with either Zen+ or Zen 2 tech.

isarai151d ago

No, everyone just felt it was a no brainer, it'd be stupid not to use this breakthrough. This news is just a step closer to confirmation

SprigganN4G151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Probably a Zen 2 and Navi at 7nm, around 12-15TF for sure. $499. And if i had to bet, i'd say Xbox "next" and PS5 will have near IDENTICAL hardware like PS4/XBO. If Microsoft absorb $100 (they can, they are a rich company) and sell it for $399 we will have competition in next gen.

ILostMyMind151d ago

15TF? One can dream, i guess.

xX-oldboy-Xx151d ago

MS shareholders might have something to say about that. They're consoles have never been a bargain. Never.

Cmv38151d ago

And I'll still buy a ps5. No point in saving a hundred bucks with nothing great to play.

jznrpg151d ago

MS still has crappy first party offerings so Sony will win like every gen

ImGumbyDammit151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Not going to be Navi. Stop with that. Navi isn't even being released to OEM's being used in card development until the end of this year. Which means $500+ cards where AMD wants to make a profit not the chump change they make off of APUs. Those cards GPU based cards won't even be out until Spring 2019. The pricing for an Navi APU will not be on target for 2020 $399 console. Just the GPU chip alone (no CPU) would be closer to the price of a console in 2019. A $399 console needs the APU (the CPU+GPU) to be around $140. And scaling for the power and heat requirements of the Navi APU will not begin until mid-2019. Those usually start very low (just look at Vega APUs which are now making the way to APU and started scaling but only at 1.75TFLO for a $160 APU with a 6TFLOPS expected later this year and processing power scaled up late 2019 early 2020). Sony will be working with something that will be ready for sure if they plan on having something in 2020. The Vega which also going to be 7nm and can handle 11TFLOPS of the rumored PS5 specs and as mentioned is in the process of scaling up capabilities of that chipset and should be quite ready mid-2020 for large-scale production and would definitely allow the APU price point to hit $140 by that time. Of course, this does not mean whatever Sony does for a GPU cannot have tech from Navi (the already use tech from Navi in the Pro GPU). It just won't be a true Navi chip

Absorb? You think Sony absorbs their profit and Microsoft doesn't. Microsoft was more expensive in 2013 because they went with that Kinect 2 (which added $100). By breakdown estimates at the time they both companies made about $20-30 off each console. It they both bring out the same hardware based APU at the same time both will be around $399. If Sony brings it out a year, which is possible (because of the different mid-gen releases) then we are talking a different game on power, not MSRP. Or if Microsoft decided to up their game and still go $499 and release at the same time will be not because they are not willing to make less money but because they are upping the ante in power ($100 extra in any console can mean a lot of extras on a tight console budget). I know it is not popular but, I wish Sony would make the PS5 $499. It would allow them to increase the power and put more into storage.

ConsoleGamer150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

"And I'll still buy a ps5. No point in saving a hundred bucks with nothing great to play."

You will save much more than just a hundred bucks if you don't have to buy all those great sony exclusives.🤣

Markusb33150d ago

Not without software. Current situation shows everyone that. Even if the x was cheaper it wouldn't matter. Not with god of war, spiderman, last of us 2 etc etc

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narsaku151d ago

Omg.. Another article... I'm betting it's only gonna get worse as the years go on.

I bet by next year we'll see a next gen article 3 times a day.

Goldby151d ago

Well make a note In Your calendar and stay clear of them

jukins151d ago

And I bet you'll be there to comment on each one wondering why these articles keep popping up

OffRoadKing151d ago

Same thing happened with Project Scrapio, its par for the course, its all part of gaming. People are excited to hear about the next big thing.

FinalFantasyFanatic150d ago

Yeah, but realisticly, it's probably 2 years away at the moment, I do not want to see n4g cluttered with these articles for so long.

Ju150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

People still believe it's that far out, huh? If this is Ryzen based, there is even a chance it'll release this year. Now, I think it won't. Sony will repeat the PS4 launch with a real in February and release for the holidays 2019.

First generation will probably be moderately faster, don't thing 2019 or even 2018 will surpass 10Tf but a Pro after 3 years will. This most likely will have multiple iteration factored in from the start.

Ju150d ago

How is it getting "worse". It's always fun times before a new console releases.

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