PLAYSTATION In Concert | Royal Albert Hall

Don’t miss this LIVE WORLD PREMIERE event, as the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performs the sensational soundtracks of PlayStation games, within the iconic surroundings of London’s Royal Albert Hall.

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pinkcrocodile75241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Saw this and thought, First I'm going to have to go to this and subsequently bought tickets for it.

Secondly the Royal Albert Hall is the perfect venue for this in the UK.

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra are incredible and hear them perform Uncharted is worth the ticket price.

SethBrundlefly240d ago

Awesome! Hope they'll record it.

rainslacker240d ago

Hope they put it up on PSN so we can watch it.

pinkcrocodile75239d ago

Well if you are in the UK there are still a few seats available.

I've been there before and was blown away by the royal philharmonic orchestra playing film scores to do with space films, so a LOT of John Williams and Holtz