Hardware Sales Charts for Japan has posted a hardware sales charts for Japan. (05.06.06 - 11.06.06.)

The Real Deal6202d ago

Wow...those are low numbers across the board. One thing is for sure. The Japanese love their hand helds. And if you ad the total sales for everything it doesn't even compare to video games sales here in America. What happened to the Japanese gaming market? Well according to a poll in a popular Japanese magizine 67 % think the ps3 is priced to high and 65 % said they will buy a Nintendo Wii and not a ps3. WOW....

MoonDust6202d ago

There is not reason for me to buy a PS3, it doesn';t offer anything that the 360 offers already.

lilgringo6202d ago

it's only a timespan of 6 days

Shadow Flare6202d ago

the one console that isnt on the graph and your all straight away knockin the ps3

well the xbox sales werent sittin pretty were they?

japanese gamers might think the ps3 is too expensive, but they couldnt care less about buying an xbox 360


The BS Police6201d ago

Ofcourse the PS3 isn't on this chart, how do you think the PS3 will sell when it isn't coming out untill November!

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ahmedbagoun6202d ago

i think your 360 set your house on fire.
what does the 360 have over the original x-box beside good graphics.
well the ps3 has motion sensing, 20G hard drive, web browsing, and blue- ray

TheMART6202d ago

OMG it sounds like that stupid comment that ssj also was using all the time. Burning ones house down...

Well I bet the PSZero has more serieus problems with heath seeing their new design with lot's of airholes, the powerbrick not in the console, speed of CPU brought back, GPU also overheated

You should buy something to fight the fire you'll get in your house of the PSZero...