Hardware Sales Charts for Japan

Gamefront.de has posted a hardware sales charts for Japan. (05.06.06 - 11.06.06.)

The Real Deal6552d ago

Wow...those are low numbers across the board. One thing is for sure. The Japanese love their hand helds. And if you ad the total sales for everything it doesn't even compare to video games sales here in America. What happened to the Japanese gaming market? Well according to a poll in a popular Japanese magizine 67 % think the ps3 is priced to high and 65 % said they will buy a Nintendo Wii and not a ps3. WOW....

MoonDust6552d ago

There is not reason for me to buy a PS3, it doesn';t offer anything that the 360 offers already.

lilgringo6551d ago

it's only a timespan of 6 days

Shadow Flare6551d ago

the one console that isnt on the graph and your all straight away knockin the ps3

well the xbox sales werent sittin pretty were they?

japanese gamers might think the ps3 is too expensive, but they couldnt care less about buying an xbox 360


The BS Police6551d ago

Ofcourse the PS3 isn't on this chart, how do you think the PS3 will sell when it isn't coming out untill November!

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ahmedbagoun6551d ago

i think your 360 set your house on fire.
what does the 360 have over the original x-box beside good graphics.
well the ps3 has motion sensing, 20G hard drive, web browsing, and blue- ray

TheMART6551d ago

OMG it sounds like that stupid comment that ssj also was using all the time. Burning ones house down...

Well I bet the PSZero has more serieus problems with heath seeing their new design with lot's of airholes, the powerbrick not in the console, speed of CPU brought back, GPU also overheated

You should buy something to fight the fire you'll get in your house of the PSZero...


Sony CEO says although AI "has been used for creation," it's "not a substitute for human creativity"

"AI is not a substitute for human creativity. We position it as a technology that supports creativity. Creativity resides in people. We will continue to contribute to people's creativity through technology," the CEO said.

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1nsomniac20h ago(Edited 20h ago)

...not yet but 100% within the next 10 years!

..Then Sony will use it like the drop of a hat. They're no different to the others.

isarai18h ago(Edited 18h ago)

They used to be 😞 sure it was always a business, and money's always the priority, but they used to have a very strong stance on supporting artists and creativity. "Dont f#@k with the artist" was a phrase they touted a few times back in the ps1-ps3 era, a philosophy carried over from their music branch PlayStation was created from. It's not COMPLETELY gone, but it's barely there compared to what it was back then, i just want them to return to that.

isarai10h ago

Ugh, i really wish people would stop gambling people's livelihoods by turning a project/game into their political soapbox. Im all for statements and having your own opinion, but there's more people working on this than just druckman, ham fisting your political beliefs onto just seems inconsiderate for everyone elses job security when it can result in a failure due to people avoiding it for that reason.

I play games for escape, im so tired of nearly every AAA game blatantly dragging real world issues to shove in my face when I'm trying to take a break from it all. They don't even bother to be subtle about it, quite the opposite, it's blasted and force fed to you and it's just getting exhausting

Einhander19721h ago

People are taking a whole interview and cutting it down to clips that make him look bad and take what he actually was saying out of context. For example he also said things like this AI has "ethical issues we need to address"

-Foxtrot32m ago


Why defend him at this point?

It’s not taking things out of context, he said what he said.

Old ND would never talk about soulless AI taking over so many creative things they are well known for. The whole “ethical issues” is just a good PR spin people who push this crap fall back on to make their statements not seem as bad. So many AI lovers do this.

AI has no place is so many creative based things.

Einhander19721h ago

Well yeah, because everyone else is using it so they need to stay competitive. It's the same as paid online, they didn't want to go that route but their competition was making so much money they needed to add paid online just to keep up.

XiNatsuDragnel18h ago

Good statement but hopefully this holds up


The Digital Dragons 2024 conference event was a huge success story

"Three days filled with specialist lectures delivered by almost 200 speakers, three thematic summits, and over 2600 guests from almost every corner of the world - the capital of Małopolska became the capital of the games industry for a few days.

Organized by the Krakow Technology Park, the Digital Dragons Conference once again showed that Poland is attracting more and more attention from the world's biggest industry tycoons for a reason." - Digital Dragons.


Atari has acquired the Intellivision brand, ending the first ever console war

Atari has acquired Intellivision. The company announced today that it had acquired its long-time rival, ending one of the original console rivalries, dating back to the 1970s.

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darthv721d ago

Wow.... two of my earliest gaming platforms. All they need is Coleco to round things out.

This is like Nintendo buying SEGA.

OtterX22h ago

YES! Colecovision was my start! I came to know Mario there in Donkey Kong before the NES was even a thing. :)

Golfcoachh19h ago

Yes such fond memories. My first was the odyssey, but I really started gaming on my colecovision. Had atari and intelivision but coleco was by far the best of the bunch to me.

Kratos_Kart200719h ago

Yes...a gamer from my era...LMAO

Coleco was good...LOL

shinoff218313h ago

Mine was atari. You guys go back further then me even

anast1d ago (Edited 1d ago )

Good piece of history here.

edit: I wanted to read it but the cookies pop up is stopping me.

badboyz0923h ago

This was just before my time. I do remember my mom's friend having one all dusty in her apartment back in the day.

[R.I.P.} Ms. Irene

Abear2123h ago

People forget that console wars are part of the history of this industry. The console wars were started by competitive companies all the way back then and continued through Sega vs Nintendo, Jaguar/3DO/NeonGeo, and PlayStation vs Nintendo and Xbox.

These companies are across oceans and competing for the same business. These companies created the console wars, not crazy fanboys.