The 7 most memorable video game quotes of all time

MWEB GameZone writes: "Sometimes a character in a video game just says something so profound, scary or even hilarious that you will never forget it. Join our discussion and tell us which quotes from video game characters are your absolute favourites."

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Sillicur202d ago

The right man in the wrong place! Now I want Half-Life 3 all over again :(

UltraNova202d ago

Somehow "Its-ame Mario!" is edged on the back of my skull... forever, damn you Nintendo.

GlitchedAfrica201d ago

Didn't quite make the cut but would have been in a top 10

Derceto201d ago

I never asked for this.

Sillicur201d ago

Adam Jensen! Great one that!

paintedgamer1984201d ago

Well, if it isnt the bitch in the red dress...

(Resident Evil 4)

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