PlayStation: Sony Promises Exclusive First-Party Games, New IP, and Strengthening Existing Ones

During Sony's Corporate Strategy Meeting and Investor Day, the company's executives talked about the PlayStation strategy for the next three years.

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UltraNova149d ago

A new IP? Damn the onslaught is real...

The Wood149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

More games. . . Seems they're not letting up or falling off to coast. This is how you solidify and increase confidence in your brand especially for following gens.

Markusb33149d ago

Yeah I agree and hopefully they can allow bc with all their exclusive games with performance bumps for a ps5 transition

starchild149d ago


Yes, thank you. That's exactly what I hope for to. I want my Playstation library to carry over to my PS5.

AspiringProGenji149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Yep! I have PS5 pre ordered and I am already saving money for PS6

bouzebbal149d ago

Sony have mercy on us, pleassssse

auen1149d ago

How does "aspiring pro genji" have a system that's not even been announced yet already pre-ordered?

S2Killinit149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Sony has ALWAYS supported their consoles even beyond the start of the next generation. Playstations only get better with time. Thats the reason why they are the best bang for buck electronic purchuse you can ever make.

morganfell148d ago

"How does "aspiring pro genji" have a system that's not even been announced yet already pre-ordered?

How is you are wandering around on the internet with both your sarcasm and humor detectors in a broken state? Don't you understand how dangerous it is to navigate in social circles when those are not fully functioning?

JaguarEvolved148d ago

PlayStation is the best gaming console.

DVAcme148d ago

@Markusb33 I think that's a lock. PS3 backward compatibility on the PS4 was simply not feasible because of how drastically different the PS3's Cell Processor architecture was. But the PS5 is basically the same architecture but with much more processing power and RAM, so it's like upgrading a PC and playing older games in it. And Microsoft making such a big fuss about backward compatibility is gonna bite them, cause if they announce their successor system at the same time as the PS5 and make a point of its backward compatibility, Sony can easily counter with the PS5 having backward compatibility and the PS4 having an EXPONENTIALLY more huge games library than the XBox One. I wouldn't be surprised if the PS5 announcement is just as much an asskicking as the PS4 announcement was.

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TGGJustin149d ago

Don't forget those new IP include Death Stranding, Days Gone, and Ghost of Tsushima. It doesn't really mean that anything else for PS4 is on the way.

OB1Biker149d ago

The article is not clear. I guess it depends on what 'creating new IP' in the new three years means?
It's interesting they mention it anyway.

ArchangelMike149d ago

That's a fair comment, but 3 brand new IP's is nothing to scoff at, and is very commendable. It mean that Sony are committed to fully supporting their IP portfolio, which is a good thing, and that we can expect the quality to be high, as they won't pressure their first party devs to just rush the IP out the door.

Naughty Dog, Guerilla Games, Sony Santa Monica, Japan Studio etc have all released high quality IP's that have sold consoles. All Sony first party studios are on notice, and the expectation to produce high quality is games is there. This is a good thing "for the players" indeed.

rainslacker148d ago

True enough. But I wouldn't be surprised if Sony decides to throw in another new IP this year or next. But i think this year will be focused on what is already announced, and maybe a big remaster. I think a new IP would be for next year or PSX, so they don't distract from what is currently going on with their release schedule.

starchild149d ago

New IP throughout the generation is something you can count on Sony for. Nobody does quality new IP like Sony.

ArchangelMike149d ago

Definately. I think sony might have already won E3 this year. They have all the momentum right now.

rainslacker148d ago

I wouldn't count Nintendo out. But they don't have a conference so probably won't get as much attention except for whatever big titles they may announce.

trooper_149d ago

No retreat or surrender!

Christopher148d ago

Just FYI, 'new IP' isn't necessarily singular. 'IP' represents both a singular and plural form.

And this really isn't news since they re-organized a few months ago highlighting their goal to continue to support first-party with new IP and current IP.

rainslacker148d ago

Looking deeper, it looks like they plan to keep the PS4 relevant until at least March of 2021, which probably means the PS5 will release holiday of 2021. Unless they go with some cross gen stuff at the end of 2020 and just intend to keep supporting the PS3 for a while.

The_Sage148d ago

I'm betting on 2020 with some crossover titles.

CDzNutts148d ago

1 new IP doesn't sound right.

I would expect it to be several.

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zivtheawesome149d ago

i'll copy my comment from the failed article due to the "ps4 is in it's final stage" comment:
"my hopes from PS5:
- backwards compability for ps4 games. the digital library is just huge and i didn't get to play many games i own. with pro enhancements would be nice. a game i really want ps5 patched is Dreams. it will lead to a much bigger scope with the cpu increase.
- much upgraded cpu is expected, so i can't wait to see how devs use that.
- 399$. i honestly kinda hope that sony will do the same they did with the ps4, and at first sell the console at a loss to have more juice in.
- big first party right of the gate. if ps5 comes out in 2020, then have horizon 2 on release, GoW 2 in mid 2021, just have system selllers one after the other."

mkis007149d ago

10 year plan for dreams...bc is a given.

mike32UK149d ago

I don't believe Sony ever sold the PS4 at a loss did they? PS3 they certainly did thought.

I'd happily part with £400-£450 if it meant no mid-cycle upgrade.

Inzo149d ago

All consoles are initially sold at a loss. Sony only turned a profit on the PS4 end of last year.

johndoe11211149d ago


Proof for that statement, and please don't turn around bend over and spread your butt cheeks. We don't want to see where you pulled it from, we want to see evidence for it's existence.

Inzo148d ago

Here, let me spread my butt cheeks for ya.

johndoe11211148d ago

Let me get this straight. You just pulled a 5 year old article as proof to your claims that they were making a loss on Ps4's all along and that they only started making a profit at the end of last year? Yeah, you're not suffering from some sort of severe delusion at all................ :/

rainslacker148d ago

They didn't lose on the cost of manufacturing. They made a small profit in the range of $10-20. They likely took some time to re-coup R&D costs. I think they reported when the PS4 started being profitable, but I can't recall when that was, or if I'm recalling right.

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OmnislashVer36149d ago

Boo. We need a $499 console easily.

Septic149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

"Sony is aiming to grow the subscriber base of PlayStation Plus, and increase user engagement for the PlayStation Network measured by login frequency and time spent on the platform (in fiscal year 2017 PS4 users clocked more than 800,000,000 hours of gameplay per week)."

Hope people can understand now that gauging the time spent on a platform isn't something to scoff at and is a good metric to assess user engagement.

Majin-vegeta149d ago

But when thats all you talk about instead of games...thats where the problem lys within.

AspiringProGenji149d ago

And also use that to hide sales brag about success

SpaceRanger149d ago

I don’t think anyone scoffs at time spent on a platform. Engagement is a truly good tool for publishers or developers to consider when developing/marketing games, but it’s not the whole picture. People scoff at those who consider it the end all metric of success.

“Time spent” doesn’t define quality. Especially when you get down to the data level where you compare time spent on specific games. Having a good balance of both usage and quality is key for gamers and investors.

Septic149d ago

You are right but I do feel people are quick to lambast the use of it on the face of it. It's one of the the best tools if not the best to gauge user engagement.

"“Time spent” doesn’t define quality. "

True but neither do pure sales figures. I would say time spent is a more important tool for gauging engagement and number of subscriptions for something else entirely.

mkis007149d ago

just logging in is time spent...

Dragonscale149d ago

'True but neither do pure sales figures' is just downplaying tbh.

UCForce149d ago

But Sony is focusing on more new IP and still carry the best place to play. That’s where MS is struggle with it.

Septic149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Right okay but I'm talking about user engagement.

Dragonscale149d ago

User engagement is just fud when it comes to ms like laps on forza etc.

trooper_149d ago

Septic: Who cares about user engagement? Are we preparing for a wedding? What about games?

UCForce149d ago

I know but Sony is now focusing on both hardware and software. Like I said, MS really need both hardware and software.

Kribwalker149d ago

but the discussion was still about engagement. you still are off topic

UCForce149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

@kribwalker Well, user engagement does count as software,buddy. I’m not losing track here. It’s funny that MS only focus software numbers rather hardware numbers which is the problem. Because you ignore the comments and it’s not improving.

OB1Biker149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

It's one thing to genuinly talk about. It's another to make it the only way you want to assess and market a console success
Now don't hijack the comments though. Your going straight into console war arguments as if you don't know it.

Septic149d ago

"Now don't hijack the comments though. Your going straight into console war arguments as if you don't know it."

You see Spaceranger's comment above? That's how you reply to a post. He answered it succinctly and maturely. I raised a point and he elaborated on it. Nothing got hijacked and then you came in accusing me of starting something. Heed your advice and dont hijack the comments or start shit.

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Markusb33149d ago

Gauging time spent is fine but when you only discuss this and release no numbers for sales it's quite obvious there is a problem and it's something MS don't want to publicly admit. Showing hours played of bc games from a past generation is ironically quite backwards. They are litterly promoting last gen on current gen systems, sounds very backwards to me

AspiringProGenji149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Xbox fans twisting things as usual

Septic149d ago

Pray tell. What did I twist?

UltraNova149d ago

You know why people criticized MS for choosing to market these stats Septic, dont pretend you dont. As you also know that when you are open about all kinds of stats (e.g.console sales) then you can talk/market any stat you wish without people raising their eyebrows collectively.

Kryptix149d ago

Septic, you sure you're ok? Because of course those numbers are important, but one has an equilibrium to not just talk about numbers, but showing why and how they get there through quality games, the other, just showing the "good" numbers and hiding all the failures which outweigh that.

This is like the time you guys cried about Sony revealing sales numbers and going, "sales don't matter," because Microsoft doesn't show theirs, but here, you're like, "see, Sony does it, too so it's ok for Microsoft to do it, then."

Your psychology clearly tells who really is the one leading out of the 2, but you will never admit that.

It's always been ok, it's just, lacking in weight and cherry picked when MS does it because it's most likely all there is. Nothing to root for with those numbers because there's...nothing.

Septic149d ago

"Your psychology clearly tells who really is the one leading out of the 2, but you will never admit that."

?? Nonsense. I have always said Sony has been leading right from the start.

BehindTheRows149d ago

Pretty simple concept to grasp and I agree 100%. Sony doesn't JUST put this out there. They have been transparent all gen. When this type of stuff is all the company talks about, that is where the problems lie.

ArchangelMike149d ago

You're right, user engagement is a good metric to assess the longevity and sustainability of a platform. The challenge Sony has is how to begin propositioning their services (Playstation Now, Playstation Vue, Playstation Music etc) without losing focus on the games, but I think they got the messaging the right way round - games first, services second. You obviously need to sell more consoles to get more people to spend time logged into your network.

bluefox755149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

It's not that it's a bad metric, it's just comical when it's used in place of other figures, because we know why they're doing it.

trooper_149d ago

It never ends with you, does it?

rainslacker148d ago

It was never something to scoff at. But when that's the only metric that's shared, it's pretty meaningless, because it doesn't really say enough about the system to mean anything. Particularly when that metric includes devices which don't even include the console itself.

The metric is OK I guess for relaying to investors if there is some plan in place to profit off such things, and it's their primary metric for success. It doesn't really do much for us in the console war though.

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Majin-vegeta149d ago

Sony needs to set up shop for shooter genre.Bring back Socom,MaG,resistance,Killzone, Warhawk.


Kryptix149d ago

Imagine SOCOM with the same engine used in Horizon though! Show Ubisoft how to make a real 3rd person squad tactical shooter!

Also, I miss MAG. They should hire the guys that did PlanetSide 2 to make a sequel to that.

But you're right, Sony should make some competitive shooters like they used to. It's actually no better time with eSports and Twitch going bigger than ever.

ArchangelMike149d ago

Definitely. Especially for Warhawk, and MAG (criminally underrated and ahead of it's time).

TheTony316149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Finally someone who wants a Legend of Dragoon sequel/remake. I thought i was the only one.

ShadowWolf712148d ago

Far from the only one.

Heck I'm even willing to settle for a re-release of the original with improved translations and voice acting.

rainslacker148d ago

It's an oft requested game to get a sequel/remake. Personally, I'd like both.:)

chaosblades148d ago

Would really like a new Resistance - R3’s style of campaign, but with R2’s co-op. And of course R1’s competitive multiplayer - the best of all three (IMO of course).


I never got to play Socom online and it kills me everyday.

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FallenAngel1984149d ago

Sony always handles the golden years of its consoles in stride