Why 2001 Was Gaming’s Most Important Year

We will likely never have a year like 2001 again. What an electric time for video games – we had come off the heels of the fifth generation consoles, and while 16-bit looked beautiful, we were working towards games that resembled reality with the growing popularity of CD-based systems.

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PhoenixUp202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

2001 sure was an eventful year, it was like an odyssey.

- New hardware out the wazoo. Game Boy Advance, Xbox & GameCube all released.
- 18 year hardware industry veteran Sega exited the console space and became a software publisher.
- Online gaming finally came to a PlayStation console via Sony’s partnership with AOL on PS2.
- Microsoft enters the hardware space and becomes the first & so far last major American distributor to do so since Atari Jaguar in 1996.
- Activision acquired Treyarch for a longstanding relationship.
- Santa Monica Studio releases Kinecta and later uses the same engine to later create the God of War series.
- Final Fantasy X saves Squaresoft from going bankrupt after the commercial flop that is Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
- Dragon Quest VII releases in North America and becomes the first title in the mainline series to return the IP to a western market since Dragon Quest IV in 1992.
- Long-time arcade developer Midway Games announces that it will no longer manufacture arcade games.
- Infogrames announces to revive Atari as a sub-brand of Infogrames.
- Grand Theft Auto becomes a huge selling franchise it continues to be to this day.
- Halo becomes the Trojan horse for the Xbox brand.
- Conker’s Bad Fur Day becomes the last original IP to come out from Rare during their association with Nintendo.
- Super Smash Bros Melee releases and begins the series prevelance in the professional competitive gaming scene.
- Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney gets released and becomes the most successful visual novel series of all time and becomes the first later on to gain wide success in western markets.
- Sony buys Naughty Dog to ensure they indefinitely own their future IPs. Jak & Daxter becomes to first project after the acquisition.
- Metal Gear Solid 2 dramatically proves how cinematic gaming can get and how crazy Kojima can get.
- Devil May Cry gets released and creates the spectacle action genre.
- Gran Turismo 3 gets released and becomes the currently best selling entry in the series.
- ICO releases and inspires numerous influential developers such as Eiji Aonuma, Hideo Kojima, Phil Fish, Hidetaka Miyazaki, and Jordan Mechner. Even film director Guillermo del Toro cited both Ico as a masterpiece and part of his directorial influence. Naughty Dog themselves Ico as part of the inspiration for developing Uncharted 3.

Fist4achin201d ago

Wow. Thanks! I didn't realize the significance of that year.

darthv72201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

Yeah there was a lot of good things that year. My office xmas party that year was awesome. We had an auction and each person was given the same amount of $$ to bid with. You didnt know what was in the boxes except for vague clues but we knew what some of the prizes were and so i listened for the right clues and bid everything i had and won the og xbox and a copy of munch's odyssey. My boss must have given away like 5 xbox systems that night out of the 30 or so different prizes.

good times... good times.

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ctrlxthroat201d ago

IDK... 2007 will always remain the epitome of gaming to me. Although in 2001 the Dreamcast was still alive (somewhat). Hmmmm, this is tough.