Hi-Rez Studios Apologizes for Accidentally Plagiarizing Overwatch's Artwork

Hi-Rez Studios finds themsevles in hot water after Paladins' contracting plagiarized work that rips off iconic artwork from Blizzard's Overwatch.

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ZaWarudo175d ago

Was the contract work from China? that's embarrassing.

AspiringProGenji175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

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lxeasy175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

That whole game looks plagiarized from Overwatch.
Same thing happened to PUBG so many battle royal games copied.

coolbeans174d ago

It's ignorant to consider Paladins to simply be an Overwatch plagiarism, esp. since Hi-Rez has dipped its toes into class-oriented combat since before Overwatch was ever announced.

lxeasy174d ago

its not ignorance its plagiarism.

narsaku174d ago

Yea it's a shame to see cheap ass BR copies of the OG. Like, it's cool to do whats popular, but douche videogames like Fortnite just threw away it's main game in favor to last 6 month copy of what PU was building all along.

And now you have the ultimate industry cowards, "Call of Duty developers", who ONLY NOW will copy someone else's work cus FN/PUBG went mainstream.

It's like the joke that keeps on giggling.

Cept it's sad.

coolbeans173d ago

No, it's ignorance. Hi-Rez literally several of Overwatch's base characters can be found replicated in Hi-Rez's Global Agenda, which released years before Overwatch arrived. And while I'm not denying the influence OW may have had with reswelling interest in the hero shooter genre--along with the campy-fun art style, disregarding Hi-Rez's previous work just to call Paladins plagiarism is really disingenuous.

lxeasy173d ago

Nah you're wrong it's plagiarism

GrimDragon174d ago

Plagiarism is the highest form of flattery. But also a quick way to get revenue up and your game noticed.

Cobra951174d ago

How does one accidentally plagiarize? I don't think it's possible. The term implies intent.